Impress Your Trainees With the Master Trainer Program by CTPD Asia

21st July 2022


Grooming is very important because human psychology has an affinity toward a well-presented object. Grooming is another vital skill development and it is one of the training objectives besides professional skills development. This training program also shares materials having lessons on proper body language and gestures. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae



Which One Do You Need Among These - Coaching, Training, or Consulting?

13th July 2022


Each of them has many sets of skills and specific goals for the career development of members of the organization. Not every employee requires the same skill. Workplace mentoring refers to the process where employees can learn specific skills that will uplift their level of performance down the line. ...

Written By : Ruchi Mehta



Ace Your Training Skills With CTPD Asia's Master Trainer Program

6th July 2022


According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 94% of employees stated that they would commit to staying at a company longer if the company invested in their development. Complimenting this statistic is the fact that 90% of top management also believe that investing in their employees’ career development is a positive requirement for the growth of the company. ...

Written By : Victoria Lewis



Top 7 Benefits of On-the-job Employee Training and Development in 2022

30th June 2022


Delivering employees with appropriate and consistent training can help expand performance and efficiency in the workplace. Studies show that companies that have steadfast employee training and development programs see a sharp increase in profits. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae



All About A Corporate Training Workshop That You Should Know

25th June 2022


Qualities or qualifications of a trainer are a vital thing that one must look for while hiring the trainer for any workshop, seminar, or webinar. Training a leader or any organizational employee is of prime importance because everyone wants to work in an organization that is well-trained. ...

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta



Does A Hybrid Work Model Really Work?

15th June 2022


A study conducted by Owl labs in 2021 stated that approximately 40% of the employees preferred working from home whereas, 36% believed that commuting to the office would be the best possible way to work. According to the former group, remote working was saving time to travel to the workplace and also reduced unnecessary social interaction like gossiping over a smoke break. ...

Written By : Ruchi Mehta



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