Top 7 Employee Feedback Tools You Must Consider To Boost Engagement

13th February 2024

Research reveals that 72% of the staff feels that managers’ feedback will boost their performance at the workplace.

Giving and receiving feedback is a critical job skill that fosters development and raises engagement and performance levels throughout the company. However, to benefit from a culture of constructive criticism, you also need to be open to hearing from and receiving feedback from your teams. A leader may help themselves and their teams grow and succeed by giving and receiving feedback using a variety of excellent tools, resources, and methods. Take a look at the 6 tools that can help you in your employee feedback journey.

What Is Employee Feedback?

Employee feedback is data that workers provide to their employer about their expectations for, experiences with, or thoughts about the business. Internal communicators can enhance employee engagement with the use of employee feedback. Additionally, an essential component of an internal communications strategy based on data is the frequent collection of employee feedback.

Employee feedback allows you to get useful information about your business and pinpoint the staff members who have the greatest understanding of your goals and aspirations. You not only get excellent information, but employee involvement and feedback may support one another. Employees will be more ready to provide feedback if they perceive that it is being considered and implemented as a result of the adjustments you make in response to their input.

Best Employee Feedback Tools To Foster Feedback Culture

Here are some of the best tools to get honest feedback from your employees:

1. Culture Amp

Software for the worker experience is called Culture Amp. Culture Amp's platform, which is used by well-known companies like Etsy, Oracle, and Canva, offers leaders performance, engagement, and development tools meant to assist them in:

  • Gaining insights to start the right type of conversations with the team members
  • Helping the team establish reasonable goals
  • Delivering real-time feedback thus fostering a feedback culture and loop

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2. Connecteam

Connecteam is a smartphone application designed to assist leaders in managing their teams. Leaders in the workplace may maximize HR efficiency and communication by focusing on these areas. The website also offers detailed information about using their products based on factors such as industry, use case, company size, department, etc.  The tool allows you to accomplish the following:

  • Gather feedback from the team
  • Evaluate the training needs of the team
  • Identify the performance drivers

3. Engage By SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey's internal feedback and engagement service is called Engage. It seeks to assist businesses in "taking a whole-person approach" and "partnering with employees." They recognize that the staff experience is a dynamic and intricate domain that requires leaders to have a comprehensive perspective. It helps you to:

  • Identify issues proactively
  • Find improvement opportunities
  • Unveil stressors, stress levels, team psychology information, and wellness

4. Vantage Plus

Vantage Pulse is a “people-first survey tool” that assists companies in gathering anonymous, real-time employee feedback. The platform aims to support managers in closing the communication gap with employees and increase the return on investment from engagement initiatives. The tool also offers products like:

  • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Corporate discount program offering various brand deals
  • A platform for gamified wellness

5. TINY Pulse

TINYpulse, which is updated to Limeade Listening, promotes team members' constant sense of being heard at work. The tool helps leaders solicit and respond to feedback. This creates chances for ongoing, open feedback as well as for validating and modifying employee efforts. The platform includes specific encompasses like:

  • 1:1 customizable agenda builders
  • Peer-to-peer recognition programs
  • Integration tools combining HRIS, messaging platforms, and emails to access data

6. Glint

Glint provides four distinct solutions on its people-success platform to help establish people-driven businesses:

  • Gain real-time insights on your workforce's health to boost employee engagement
  • Create a holistic and diverse feedback culture for both management and staff
  • Focus on inclusion and diversity by gathering feedback on individual sentiments
  • Help team members develop reflecting on and seeking feedback

7. Motivosity

Motivosity is a recognition and feedback platform that uses connection and community to build a feedback culture. The web tool includes other goods like the following and enables team members to honor and acknowledge colleagues. This includes:

  • Offering team insights and development tools for managers
  • Encouraging workplace leaders to be better coaches
  • Helping employers build empowering relationships
  • Creating and sending out customized and anonymous surveys for better decisions

Build Employee Skills Through Innovative Solutions

Find out more about creating a feedback culture that is endorsed by your company and its executives by using these tools. Alternatively, you can also pursue a master trainer program to understand ways to deal with your employees and be approachable thereby building good rapport.

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Written By : Park Jin Ae


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