Professional Diploma in Train the Trainer

Become a certified trainer and push your career in learning and development to the next level.

Mode of Learning: Online (self-paced with tutor support)

Location: Global

Course Description

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to nurture his or her career in training. Become the best trainer you can be, or perhaps set out in an exciting new career direction. We offer the Asia’s highest-quality distance learning Train the Trainer Courses, for existing professional trainers and industry newcomers alike. Through this program you will gain the skills needed to manage corporate training programs that align with your company’s goals – now and in the future. You will develop core competencies that will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in training management and impact change across the business. The program is designed for professionals who want to pursue a career in training. The program helps you learn and acquire the skills in training. You can train up people in different companies as well as colleges, institutes and various other domains of the industry. If you wish to pursue a career as in freelancing training or otherwise, this program would help you to develop the necessary skills.

This Course will help you:

  • Having a comprehensive idea about how to conduct training programs & developing techniques and methods of accelerated learning
  • Get a brief idea about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Understand the Trainer - As a facilitator and guide and create group and team dynamics and Know what are training approaches and techniques
  • Enabling the trainer to create interactive learning sessions and Enhancement of Communication and soft skills
  • Improving the listening skills and enhanced rapport development techniques and Dealing with difficult people
  • Analysing feedback and observation skills

Main Features:

  • This program is ideal for anyone who wants to further his or her career in training
  • Comes with exhaustive study materials, notes and references
  • Experienced trainers and coordinators handles your online queries
  • Packed with expert video sessions
  • Optional Skype Sessions with Sr. Trainers
  • Top up to PG Diploma level possible through earning credit points.
  • Certification after successful completion from CTPD

Who Should attend:

  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Training Managers
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Coordinators and Facilitators
  • Insurance Trainers
  • Voice and Accent Trainers
  • Process Trainers
  • Training engineering, MBA students and for colleges, universities
  • Anyone who has got a passion and zeal towards any kind of training

CTPD Education programs are designed primarily for learning professionals – trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners – but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists.



You receive:

  • Due to its unique range and scope, CTPD Qualifications provide individuals and organizations with a means to develop a career pathway based on earning a certification in Learning and Developmental Skills
  • This Certificate delivers a competency set aligned to the relevant Training Standards published by the CTPD Asia
  • All our Certificates in this level come with CPD, UK endorsement seal

Next Step

After completion of the Professional diploma program, you can take the following programs

  • Professional Post Graduate Diploma in TTT
  • Certificate in Creating Visual Impact
  • Certificate in Evaluating Learning Impact
  • Certificate in Training Need Assessment
  • Measuring Return on Investment Certificate

Credit system to earn your Diploma

Each 1-day face to face program comes with 1 credit and Specialised Short courses comes with 2 credits and our 4-5 days program comes with 4-5 credits. After you add 4 credits you are eligible for a Professional Diploma and with 10 credits you can earn Professional PG Diploma.


Phase 1 - Training and learning

  • Teaching beliefs and values and their potential impact on learning
    Mentoring approaches and techniques
    Learning styles - An overview and Different training contexts
    Maintaining trainee and trainer motivation
    Neuro Linguistic Programing

Phase 2 - The Trainer

  • The trainer as a facilitator
    Key characteristics of exceptional trainers
    Understanding the mindset of an experienced trainer.

Phase 3 - Techniques

  • Build instant rapport with participants
    Sequence criteria
    Design multi-sensory sessions that will be effective and memorable
    Ways to engage the audience in multi-faceted
    Imaginative ways to facilitate learning
    Creative ways to start a training session
    How to encourage ‘active’ listening
    Learning how to pace the session right
    Livening up your training session
    Planning effective training sessions - The key ingredients
    Reconstructing a “disastrous lesson”

Phase 4 - The Group

  • Facilitate partner and group activities
    Dealing with know-it-all’s and melting resistance
    Strategies for building and maintaining healthy group dynamics
    C0-operative Learning used as Classroom Coaching Tool

Phase 5 - Need Analysis

  • Needs analysis and goal setting
    Getting to know the expectations of the group

Phase 6 - The Training environment

  • Discovering an ability to really see what’s going on in the room
    Orchestrate the ideal environment for your training
    Creating a learning environment through stories
    Dealing with “difficult people”

Phase 7 - Feedback

  • What comprises effective feedback
    Giving advice and its negative consequences
    Different approaches to spoken feedback
    Giving and receiving feedback
    Observation skills
    Commentary and evaluation
    Written feedback

Phase 8 - Handling Equipment

  • Music for training
    Power point presentations
    Interactive Materials
    Graphic Organizers
    Authentic Materials


As soon as you have decided your preference date and signed up for the program, you will be given an access to our award winning LMS (e-learning) portal. This access will remain with you as long as your course duration. An online tutor will be assigned for you to clear your doubts and a large section of FAQ in the online LMS will also give you answers to your various questions.

First, you have to log in to the Module using your user ID and password issued by us to go through the content. The content requires reading and watching the respective videos. All courses are divided into subjects and laid over in a sequential manner for easy understanding.

Assessment comprises of MCQ and written assignments. All the MCQs are mandatory. MCQ’s can be self-checked. You will get only one attempt to answer the MCQ’s. After submitting all the MCQ’s you will get to see the score.

You can work around your study schedule as per your convenience and need to devote a couple of hours for the course you enrolled in. You will be given access to all the study materials and relevant resources. You may view the course materials on your own schedule.

You must plan to devote 2 – 3 hours per day. Since this is an online course you can study any time of the day. It may be helpful to sync your work (if you are working) and the course you have taken up, so you can prepare for each day accordingly.

You must plan to spend dedicated hours each week on reading, studying and completing assignments. An organized study schedule will allow you to stay on top of your course.

After you successfully complete an Online Course, you are eligible to receive your certificate. Typically Certificates are shipped within 3 weeks of submission of final writing assignment.

The online courses provided by us will develop your skills and demonstrate to your future employers that you have the current knowledge of the subject and have been certified by a trusted institution. We suggest you to include our Online Courses on your resume and staying connected with our alumni and placement cell will further boost your career prospects.

Dates and Fees

Admissions for online courses are rolling and you can start the course any day of the year. This online course will be available in the LMS for your access for 5 months.

Fees for this “Professional Diploma in Train the Trainer” is Rs.22,000 / 300 USD / 220 GBP / inclusive of Tax.

  • Digital Certificate is free of cost
  • Hard Copy Certificate dispatch fee is separate
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