Coaching and Mentoring Initiatives can be Rewarding for Organizations

4th May 2022

Organisations across the globe are putting more focus than ever on coaching and mentoring its employees. By choosing to coach and mentor employees, organisations are placing a lot of importance on developing and enhancing their skills, both professionally and personally. Being interested in the growth of the staff, an organisation showcases its concern regarding their employees' progress, and this in turn, can increase their loyalty. 

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You can now manage Learning Transfer among your employees better with CTPD

20th April 2022

The term “transfer of learning” means the application of previously acquired knowledge and skills in new learning/work areas or problem-solving situations. The connection between previous and current learning content plays a crucial role, so does transfer of learning. However, it has often been found that successful learning that occurs during a training program does not automatically translate into successful performance in the work environment; there can be numerous factors related to this.


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CTPD offers a bunch of valuable resources for trainers and training managers

26th March 2022

Centre for Training & Professional Development (CTPD), the training division of Asian College of Teachers (ACT) offers a handful of training resources for trainers and training managers that they can use effectively during their training sessions.

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CTPD conducts Live Online Session on Storytelling to train employees of Singapore-based Company AWAK

2nd March 2022

Centre for Training and Professional Development (CTPD) conducted an enriching live online session on ‘Storytelling’ for the Pre-Sales and Training Teams of Singapore-based patient-centric medical technology company AWAK on 28th February, 2022. The session was facilitated by Dr Sandhya Ruban, a certified professional Storyteller/Educator with an experience of 23 years having a vast experience of delivering rich and insightful workshops on storytelling for Corporates, Teachers and Individuals in India, Malaysia, and the USA.


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CTPD can upskill your Team's Ability using Storytelling a Popular Approach in Corporate Training

16th February 2022

We, at Centre for Training and Professional Development (CTPD), are designing training sessions on Storytelling, an interesting aspect of corporate training which is gaining immense popularity in each and every sector. Our trainers are customizing training sessions based on specific requirements of organizations. The storytelling approach in corporate training results in higher retention and recall, thus leading to a memorable learning experience. This approach has the potential to act as a strategic learning tool in corporate training settings to meet precise learning outcomes. When using storytelling or story-based learning in a corporate training setup, a combination of two elements (the Compelling Narrative of storytelling and Creative Instructional Design principles) are put to use. The correct combination of the elements aids in designing a coherent information structure that provides an immersive learning experience.


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CTPD CEO becomes a GTF credentialed Trainer and is among GTF's Best Trainers in India for January

21st January 2022

We are extremely delighted to announce that Dr Sanjib Chakraborty, CEO, Centre for Training and Professional development (CTPD) is among the GTF’s Best Trainers in India for January as recognized by Global Trainers Federation (GTF) which is a matter of pride for CTPD.

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