Podcasts for Leaders in Learning & Development (L&D)

Podcasts for Leaders in Learning & Development (L&D)

Here are top 10 podcast that can help you adding more value to your training career.

1. The Learning Leader Show

Ryan Hawk, who is an author, keynote speaker and an advisor is the host of The Learning Leader Show where he interviews people who are considered as the leaders in their respective fields of expertise. The guests on this show provide a lot of in-depth insights on the various challenges that they have faced in their life en route to becoming successful entrepreneurs or management professionals, helping the millions of dedicated listeners all over the world to understand how to make the right decision to overcome the various challenges as has been done by these famous businessmen, athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders. JOIN TODAY

2. Learning Now Radio

This is a bi-monthly podcast which is available on soundcloud and speaks about the various struggles and success stories of renowned names from the sphere of management and global leadership. The guests who come on this show include a number of renowned names from the industry, who speak about the various problems regarding L&D and their possible solutions, all available on one platform. It also puts light on some of the biggest learning events happening around the globe.JOIN TODAY

3. The Learning Innovation Podcast

If you are looking to get the best information on various topics of L&D like talent acquisition and enhancement, learning and procuring educational tech and most importantly the development of a highly positive learning eco-system, then your best bet is this podcast right here. The Learning Innovation Podcast provides in-depth insights on how to deal with the real-life challenges for its listeners, coming from some of the biggest names in the field of L&D leadership. JOIN TODAY

4. The eLearning Coach

A learning experience design consultant, Connie Malamed is the founder of this podcast which provides relatable insights on the various nuances of learning the traits of L&D and upgrading the knowledge on how to wave off the challenges that one can face in terms of his/her development in the sphere of learning the traits of instructional design. She also shares her take on unusual approaches related to learning and development, including gamification, agile development and storyboarding which makes the podcast even more interesting. JOIN TODAY

5. The Good Practice

If you are looking to get an insight on topics like bots, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, which are slowly but surely becoming an integral part of L&D in the modern day scenario, then The Good Practice can be the perfect podcast for you. With a backlog of a staggering 145 episodes, this one of a kind podcast focuses on the utilization of newly available technologies that help in the development of the modern day learners, with occasional guests joining in to make the discussion more detailed and incisive for the people following this podcast. JOIN TODAY

6. Trainer Tools

The development of the utility training tools and tips that can cater to the community of the learners who are looking to make a career in the sphere of L&D learning in the modern day scenario is one of the specialties of this podcast. The Trainer Tools podcast can be a very helpful tool for those who want to learn from the leaders of professional learning and development via engaging interviews on the various features of L&D, making it an ideal platform for the people working in the sphere of organizational learning and change. JOIN TODAY

7. Mindchimp

Created in a Netflix series style, this podcast stands out for its binge worthy style of storytelling, thus breaking down the nitty-gritty of the nuances of L&D in a binge-worthy style. Created by Danny Seals, the Mindchimp podcast provides definitive solutions for several problems that the professionals dealing in this sector have to face, thus evading the errors, creating a possibly flawless atmosphere conducive for the development of the existing as well as future professionals in the sphere of organizational learning and development. JOIN TODAY

8. Training Journal

This is one of the most dedicated platforms for the L&D professionals and people from the training industry. It is one of the best sources of several new ideas and lively discussions that can clear the air about the understanding of the basics of learning and development and how these mechanisms can be utilized for the eradication of the problems faced by the people working in this sector. Lively debates on topics like NLP, millennials and several learning styles by hosts Jon Kennerd and Jo Cook helps this UK based podcast to be one of the most favourite in terms of information among the L&D professionals. JOIN TODAY

9. TED Talks Education

We all know the importance of TED Talks and so does the listeners of the TED Talks Education podcast. With the Podcasts available with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in over 8- languages, this one provides incisive knowledge about the various nuances of Learning and Development in an organizational structure and how the people can avert the possible challenges that they might have to face in terms of learning and development. People also get in-depth insights about the several nuances of management and learning from the hundreds of TED and TEDx events curated all over the world on this Podcast. JOIN TODAY

10. Kwik Brain

As the name suggests, this podcast provides witty solutions and in-depth understanding about how to face the possible challenges that might arise for the professionals dealing in the sector of management and organizational learning and development. Hosted by the founder Jim Kwik, his fun-loving expressions cater to make the understanding about the whole concept of L&D more clear and incisive through real life experiences, presented in an interesting way of storytelling and representation of relevant content. JOIN TODAY

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