Make Better Decisions with Critical Levels Training Needs Analysis: Helpful Guide

31st October 2023


Are you a business leader or a trainer who wants to help the organization to achieve the next level of success? Having doubts if the workforce has the skill set to achieve future goals or not? Then with the help of Training Needs Analysis, you can get full clarity. Explore our informative guide to find out more. ...

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta



Training Delivery: 5 Methods And Techniques To Choose For Best Results

20th October 2023


The world of professional development and education is ever-changing. Training delivery methods play a crucial role when it comes to imparting skills and knowledge to learners. With technological advancements and flexible learning opportunities, numerous approaches have arrived to meet diverse learner needs. Here are some of the training types and delivery methods that should be adopted for best results. ...

Written By : Victoria Lewis



Understand The Concept of Learning Transfer Vs Learning-Transfer Evaluation: A Comprehensive Guide

12th September 2023


Continuous Learning is one of the primary factors for any working professionals to get ahead in their respective professions. However, every professional who learning any skill or upgrading themselves in any of the possible ways needs to know the difference between Learning Transfer and Learning-Transfer Evaluation and to help them, a Professional trainer is a perfect individual. Explore our informative guide to gain more insights. ...

Written By : Laura Taylor



Combat Stress and Maintain Mental Well-Being During Unemployment: Helpful Guide

18th August 2023


The situation of the pandemic has worsened the job market, which forces many organizations to take the step of mass lay-off. Many unemployed individuals are looking for a way to come out of this situation, but very few are becoming successful. However, our helpful guide will help those individuals to overcome the situation of unemployment with easy-to-implement strategies in daily life. Explore further to gain more insights. ...

Written By : Ruchi Mehta



How To Become a Pro At Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce?

12th July 2023


Nowadays where you can find workers from almost every generation in every organization. Managers must focus on managing a multigenerational workforce to make sure the organization should get benefitted. Our blog will help you to develop and apply those impactful training design & delivery strategies. ...

Written By : Park Jin Ae



6 Learning and Development Books Worth Reading For Every Professional

22nd June 2023


L&D books recommended by experts encompass a wide range of topics, including personal development, leadership, innovation, and effective communication. By delving into these insightful resources, professionals can unlock their true potential and navigate the ever-changing professional landscape with confidence. Read on to fulfill your quest for growth. ...

Written By : Victoria Lewis



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