Transfer of learning: How to maximize employee training and development success

Making the most of learning that takes place on the job impacts the workplace and the employee experience. With the global workforce on a continual evolution mode due to the changing business landscape has brought to the fore the importance of Learning and Development which enables employees to perform and grow in their current roles with increased efficiency.

When employees attend a training session, the most important criterion for success, however, is how much they transfer their learning once they are back on the job. Research shows that hardly 30% of all training is being used on the job. Transfer of learning is still an issue within the Human Resource Development (HRD) community. In this specialized tailor-made course for corporates we look at the most important factors that impact the transfer of learning in your organization. Furthermore, we provide the guidelines on how to maximize the transfer of training back at the workplace.

What is transfer of learning?

Transfer of learning is a crucial indicator of training effectiveness because it measures the extent to which learning during training is applied on the job. Transfer of training is shown when there is a statistically significant correlation between learning scores during training and job performance ratings. However, successful learning that occurs during a training program does not automatically translate into

successful performance in the work environment. This course explores the various factors that contribute to effective transfer of learning. Therefore, transfer of learning should be part of a larger ecosystem and keep this flowing through the organization is a continuous process. The essential part of a learning journey is to help people develop the required new expertise in the most effective and efficient way and to support the transfer of learning to the job.

What’s included in the course?

  • Facilitated discussion around learning transfer issues
  • Useful tips and models for accelerating learning transfer
  • L&D assignment based on the application of learning transfer principles
  • Learning topics for delegates
  • Exploration of a systematic approach to learning transfer
  • Efficacious learning transfer practices and their implementation
  • Evaluation of current learning transfer practices and identification for improvement
  • Obtaining a professional qualification to amplify personal credibility


Suitable for L&D Managers and L&D Consultants who are responsible for the implementation of strategic and bespoke learning interventions.

Program Outline

  • Understanding the concept of learning transfer
  • How to Collaboration and create accountability with stakeholders
  • From training driven to outcomes driven
  • Principal of Designing for learning transfer
  • How to deliver for learning transfer and who to involve
  • Reviewing and Supporting back to workplace application
  • Evaluating learning transfer

Duration: 1 day to 3 days depending on requirement.

Fees: As for quote

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