Design, Develop and Delivery Virtual learning, E-Learning and Blended Learning

Digital-learning concepts, design framework, and strategies.

Mode of Learning: : Face to face workshop format

Location: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok

Course Description

Virtual Learning Design and Delivery

Designing e-learning environments for quality professional education is a challenge for education designers. These are comprehensively considered in an integrated way to facilitate learning experiences providing an emphasis on grounded practice. Our DDDVL program provides an opportunity to explore and implement the CTPD Learning Model where you will explore, see examplesand practice the skills needed to develop design and delivery digital learning. This program will cover e-learning, virtual learning and Blended learning concepts, frameworks and best practices.

This course will help you :

  • Determine whether Digital is the appropriate solution for your needs
  • Identify and describe advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous to digital learning
  • Gain practical experience applying the Virtual learning, E-Learning and Blended learning Design Model.
  • Tools and tips for future e-learning resource development.
  • Explore ways to present, structure, and sequence content that is learner-centric.
  • Learn a variety of techniques for enhancing learning motivation and commitment in digital learning platform.

Main Features:

  • Suitable for experienced trainers / Supervisors / Managers
  • Comes with course materials and notes
  • Experienced trainers deliver our courses
  • Top up to Diploma level possible through earning credit points.
  • Face to face workshop format 2 days’ program (12 hrs.)
  • Online access provided for reference and future study
  • Certification after successful completion from CTPD
  • This program has been certified by the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) Program.
  • You will be eligible for the MCE Program test in order to become a certified Microsoft Educator.

Who Should attend:

  • Experienced professionals ready to elevate their skills and demonstrate mastery in training design, delivery and facilitation.
  • A minimum of two years in the either Corporates, Institutions or facilitating profession

CTPD Education programs are designed primarily for learning professionals – trainers, instructional designers, and organizational development practitioners – but also greatly benefit anyone within an organization who is responsible for developing others, from managers to human resources specialists.


  • Due to its unique range and scope, CTPD Qualifications provide individuals and organizations with a means to develop a career pathway based on earning a certification in Learning and Developmental Skills
  • This Certificate delivers a competency set aligned to the relevant L & D Standards published by the CTPD Asia
  • This program has collaborated with the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) Program.
  • You will be eligible for the MCE Program test, and become a Microsoft Certified Educator.

Next Step

After completion of the Training delivery Certificate program, you can take the following programs:

  • Certificate in Creating Visual Impact
  • Certificate in Managing Learning Transfer
  • Certificate in Evaluating Learning Impact
  • Certificate in Training Need Assessment
  • Measuring Return on Investment Certificate

Credit system to earn your Diploma

Each 1-day face to face program comes with 1 credit and Specialised Short courses comes with 2 credits and our 4-5 days program comes with 4-5 credits. After you add 4 credits you are eligible for a Professional Diploma and with 10 credits you can earn Professional PG Diploma.


Day 1: Introduction to Digital learning Models, Selecting and Designing the learning Platform

  • Introduction & Objective
  • Intro to the all models and frameworks of 21st Century learning
  • Virtual Classroom – Benefits and challenges
  • Analyze your need
  • Evaluate your content
  • Adapting as learning Professionals
  • Prepare your Learners
  • Selecting Technology for your Virtual Training
  • Designing the Virtual learning platform
  • Develop the platform and considerations

Day 2: Developing and Delivering Virtual Training and Blended Learning

  • Developing Activities for Virtual Training
  • Designing Content for Virtual Training
  • Creating Visuals for Virtual Delivery
  • Designing and Developing Blended Learning
  • Feedback
  • Reflective Summary


As soon as you have decided your preference date and signed up for the program, you will be given an access to our award winning LMS (e-learning) portal. This access will remain with you lifetime and your will have to do some self-study modules on foundations in learnings and development principals and complete a small writing assignment before you come over for the face to face program. Don’t worry if you have signed up last minute for the program and your face to face class starts in 24 hrs. Please contact our academic advisers who will give you a mutually agreed date and time to complete the online module

The online learning brings all learners attending the face to face program in one level of understanding. Some come with some experience and some comes with some experience, this learning portal bridges the gaps and give pre-reads to ensure basic knowledge is in place. The LMS also comes with loads of Videos, reference materials, researches, journals, blogs and recourses and you can access them all your life.

The course is interactive in nature, so expect lot of interaction, brainstorming, best practice sharing and some evening work. Since this program is for 2 days, we would suggest you not to keep any other engagement for day 1 evenings of the course.

The course starts 9.30 am and goes until lunch break at 1.00 pm with two breaks in between of 15 minute each. Second half starts by 2.00 pm and continues till 5.30 with again with two breaks of 15 minute each. So typically, per day of delivery is 6 hrs. Second day the program may get stretched up to 6.00 pm for handling queries and Certification at the end.

All our programs are designed in fluid manner so that its interactive and less stressful. Most of the materials are delivered through formats and templates and meets international quality of training delivery. Any matured learner will be able to cope up with our study loads if they are following the program without any breaks and other official and personal engagements during the course. Easy to follow study materials are provided and trainers are always available for further clarifications.

There is no pass or fail for this program. The certificate is handed over on the second day end of the course, provided you have completed all in class activities and attended both the days. Since it’s a two days program, missing one day is not advised. However, if you have emergency, talk to our friendly course coordinators or trainers to come to a mutual solution! We have no grades for the Certificate programs.

No Laptops are not required for this programs. We want you to respect other learners during the course, so we suggest taking calls and chants out the classroom while the program is on.

Dates and Fees

  • 3-4th October
Bangalore Rs.18,000 (Inclusive GST) Apply
  • 20-21st October
Mumbai Rs.18,000 (Inclusive GST) Apply
  • 12-13th November
New Delhi Rs.18,000 (Inclusive GST) Apply
  • Early Bird offer for signing up with 50% of fees 90 days before the program is @ 15%
  • Combination courses or booking two or more courses comes with exciting discounts. Talk to our advisors.
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