Learning and Development – A Complete Guideline

Learning and Development professionals are in high demand across the globe. Organizations these days place a lot of value on employees who have the expertise to develop instructional materials and lead training sessions for them. Training and Development professionals assess the training needs of their organizations, develop training materials and conduct and evaluate training sessions.

If you have a penchant for training then with the right kind of course you can pursue a lucrative career as a Learning and Development Manager. L&D managers are responsible for the content of training programs and oversee the work of specialists and instructors.

A professional course in learning and development will be beneficial for you if you enjoy working as a trainer and want to use new technologies, teaching best practices to bring positive change in the workplace. Moreover, many employers prefer certified professionals, so pursuing a professional course of study can give you a competitive edge.

What is a L&D program all about?

L&D program involves the study of the different parts of an organization – the shift in their structures, processes, and cultures as trainees learn about adult learning and talent development. It also covers a vital area focussing on the characteristics of adult learners. The trainees will get acquainted with the strategies to determine proper training needs, methods of the design and delivery of instruction, instruction which involves needs assessment, the design of instructional materials, technological aspect and evaluation of the program. Proper use of technology for creating and implementing effective instructional programs that aid learning and organizational goals are also highlighted.

Venture into every industry with a L&D certificate

With a learning and development certification under your belt you can work in almost every industry. Schools can employ you to conduct professional development sessions for teachers and non-teaching staff or to help teachers integrate technology into their lessons. You can step into human resource arena in business houses and non-profits to train employees, customers and volunteers. You can also move into content development assisting content specialists like academics or scientists to put their courses or informational materials online. With L&D certificate you will be adept at how to teach adult learners and demonstrate excellent leadership, team-building and organizational skills.
You can build your career as:

  • Career Development Specialist assisting people with finding appropriate careers by administering assessment tests and place clients in right training programs.
  • Training Coordinator who is into designing and delivery of training and professional development programs.
  • Curriculum Developer who works for school and other learning institutes, designing course materials and creating resources for teachers.
  • Training and Development Manager who works for business houses, non-profits or government agencies to ensure employees are adequately trained and create appropriate training materials.
  • Human Resources Director who manages human resources departments, which are responsible for hiring and training new employees and providing ongoing training to all employees. You will need to oversee the work of L&D specialists and design and develop training materials.

Choosing the Right Mode of Learning

Learning and Development programs are available in varied modes of learning, flexible enough for your needs which you can pursue alongside career obligations. Programs range from online programs to webinar courses to in-class courses. You can now have the option to learn, upgrade and stay one step ahead in your career by choosing any option. All these varied modes of learning will allow you to not only gain knowledge and exchange ideas but to develop close relationships with facilitators/trainers as well as peers, which can help develop beneficial professional networks that reach beyond the physical and virtual classrooms. L&D course in any mode of learning share a common goal – they aim to prepare you with the expertise to assess organizational training needs, identify and design appropriate training resources, and deliver trainings meant for adult professional learners.

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