Leading with Impact: 5 Questions to Embark Your Leadership Journey

29th April 2024

You have worked hard in your organization in your respective field. You have the experience and knowledge of how your organization works and how every department operates.

You feel that you have become capable enough to become a leader. However, you have a doubt back in your mind whether are you ready to become a capable leader or not.

If you are also looking for ways to become more assured whether you are ready to become a capable leader or not, then we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best questions to ask yourself which will give you clarity if you are ready to become a leader in your organization or not.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

5 Best Questions to Ask Yourself To Know If You Are Ready For Leadership Role or Not

There are various traits and qualities that one needs to possess if one wants to become an effective and capable leader. Let’s get to know if you possess that quality or traits by asking these simple questions mentioned below.

1. Do I communicate effectively?

leadership role

One of the necessary skills that every aspiring leader must need to possess is communication skill. According to survey, 3 in 4 employees want their leader to have effective and transparent communication, which shows how important communication skills are.

To become an effective leader you must convey your thoughts or goals clearly and confidently to your peers, team members, and to your boss. However, it’s equally important to listen to others and also adjust according to other communication needs.

For example- You might need to give a summary of your ongoing project to your boss. However, your team members require you to understand them in detail about the project for their better understanding. This shows that you are flexible to switch to different communication styles according to the situation demand.

2. Do Your Peers Come To You For Advice?

After asking this question yourself, if the answer is yes, then it’s a good sign. It shows that people already see you as a leader and they think you have all the necessary answers.

However, if the answer is No, then you can observe your peers and whom they are considering to ask for a piece of advice, you can learn from them all the necessary qualities that one individual needs to possess to become a capable leader.

3. Are You Capable To Bring Out The Best From Others?

Many people might be good at contributing on an individual level. However, if you strive to become a top leader then must need to possess a quality to bring out the best in other individuals as well. If any individual is struggling then you must have the ability to coach and mentor them.

4. Do I Have The Ability To See The Bigger Picture?

To take the organization in any field requires many decision-making and setting goals, which make a huge impact on the overall organization and its members. If you answer yes to the above question, then you are capable of seeing the bigger picture and its impact on the organization, its people, and its customers. Not only this, but you are also able to think two steps ahead and you know what impact a decision could make on the organization.

5. Am I Truly Ready For All The Responsibilities That Leadership Has?

Leadership position comes with lots of responsibilities. Some of the major shifts you can expect like, work schedule, work style, and work days. You can expect to spend more time in meetings, creating a time-to-time report, and handling various administrative tasks.

In simple words, you can expect most of the time to lead rather than the work you were doing earlier.

Ask These Self-Reflecting Questions For More Clarity

Leadership role comes with lots of challenges and responsibilities. If you are aiming to become a leader, then first you must consider asking all the above-mentioned questions to yourself to gain more clarity. If your answer is “Yes”, to all the questions then you are ready to take the leadership role in your organization.

However, if your answer is “No”, then you need to develop certain leadership skills. You can consider pursuing courses like Master of Arts in Education with Learning & Development (L&D), where you will get guidance from a top expert trainer, who will help you to become an excellent leader in your relevant field.

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Written By : Laura Taylor


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