Best Employee Training Tools: Enhancing Learning and Development in the Workplace

11th December 2023

Employee training is essential for the growth and success of any organization. It enables employees to gain skills and knowledge that they require in order to perform their roles well, boosts their morale thereby enhancing performance.

However, according to, shocking stats it’s been found that almost 40% of the employees never really had any training and 50% of employees claim that they can’t make time for training.

Employee Training Statistics

In this competitive world, if any business leader wants to make a mark for their organization then they must start focusing on providing quality training to their employees according to the market requirements to upskill them. Luckily, in this digital age, there are plenty of employee training tools available that you can use according to different training objectives and methods.

In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best employee training tools which offer a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance learning and development in the workplace.

So, without any further delay, let’s get started.


TalentLMS is one of the most effective tools for employee training. This learning management system (LMS), which is popular, is aimed at training employees and managing compliance training and onboarding. TalentLMS allows organizations to create interactive educational courses without coding. Employees can take a course at their own speed and stop it if they want.

TalentLMS has features like live and recorded sessions, drag-and-drop widgets that allow you to create courses, interactive quizzes, and tests, as well as design customization and branding options. According to TalentLMS, the platform also provides progress-tracking tools and management tools that enable businesses to keep track of the effectiveness of their training. It also offers a relatively affordable way for companies which starts from 59$ for 40 users.


LearnAmp is an employee training tool that combines learning management system (LMS) features with employee training, engagement, and performance monitoring. Using LearnAmp makes it possible for an organization’s business leader or professional trainer to easily make contributions towards building courses that facilitate decentralized study activities.

Features that LearnAmp provides- custom content and course creation, live training setup and webinars, interactive test and quiz creation, and reporting and analytics management.

Additionally, employees can even set their own goals and objectives within the platform.


Whatifx is one of the best employee training tools which is beneficial to organizations that are looking for software training for their employees. This tool can also help organizations create learning programs for such software as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Business leaders or professional trainers can choose this program to help their employees become proficient with the platform quickly and efficiently by offering them in-application walk-throughs and personalized coaching flows.

Through Whatifx employees can easily access self-support knowledge during the training process which totally eliminates the need for IT tickets. Additionally, this tool also presents product features that are meant to boost an organization’s ROI. There is no coding required with Whatifx making it possible for easy content creation and in-app walkthroughs.

All these features make Whatifx a versatile tool for organizations since it has personalized coaching flows for different job roles. The learning experience is further improved by monitoring tools and analytics. To know about Whatifx pricing details sales team needs to be contacted at their email address.


ProProfs offers a range of tools and widgets for employee development and training programs. With the Training Maker feature, organizations can build custom content and learning courses tailored to their employees' needs. ProProfs' Knowledge Base empowers organizations and employees to find solutions through a FAQ-like page, while the Quiz Maker allows managers to create tests to evaluate knowledge retention.

Moreover, they offer course creation for employee development, feedback/survey tools, and knowledge-based content development tools. The prices of ProProfs depend on the user's needs.


Apty is also one of the best digital adoption software that uses easy-to-use tools and widgets in developing content as well as learning courses within the organization. The platform increases efficiency among employees by providing in-app tips and tricks that help them master different software quickly. This allows companies to see how well their training programs are working out at different times and how often particular staff members employ various software packages. To know more about pricing details for Apty, please contact their sales team.


LearnUpon is a leading learning management system (LMS) that offers a range of solutions for employee training. It can be used by organizations to create, assign, track, measure, and manage all aspects of employee training in one place. LearnUpon boasts knowledge bases and Wiki’s that help develop a knowledge library where employees can find answers to their questions. Likewise, the platform has tools for employee development and onboarding that have been tailored to the most sought-after skills in the current corporate world. The pricing of LearnUpon starts at $699 per month for 50 users.


EdApp is a free tool used by companies of all sizes for employee training. It has won awards because this software includes a content library that is editable and a SCORM-compliant authoring tool hence making it suitable for staff development or training. EdApp makes learning more interesting to employees through gamification as well as customized templates. Additionally, this platform also facilitates mobile learning which enables employees to access lessons and quizzes wherever they are at any time they want. EdApp’s mobile learning influences an increased completion rate in courses as well as increased employee engagement.

Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy provides businesses with a comprehensive employee training solution focused on creating tech-targeted learning content. The platform features a vast library filled with tech fundamentals content and offers custom exams and pre-built quizzes to maximize employee learning and retention. Employees can access learning resources offline, ensuring continuous learning even without an internet connection. Cloud Academy also offers Cloud Roster, through which employees can learn in-demand skills essential for various job roles.

The platform also offers a 7-day free trial followed by a subscription-based pricing model.


Teachfloor is an all-in-one software that uses a cohort-based learning methodology in corporate training. This leads to improved learner engagement and memory retention. Teachfloor applies an active learning model where employees learn together, follow the same learning path, interact with each other, and collaborate on sharing knowledge.

The major focus of Teachfloor is on instructing individuals about complex subjects such as business leadership, sales pitch practice, cyber security, and internal processes. In addition to this Teachfloor has several features like cohort-based courses, live courses, on-demand curriculum builder, collaborative learning, interactive quizzes and tests, student assignments, peer learning, and a discussion forum. It is fully integrated with platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Zapier making it easy for learners.

The platform offers monthly subscriptions at $99 for 100 users.


Docebo is an employee training software driven by artificial intelligence, which allows companies to develop customized learning materials for staff training. Docebo sources ethically made learning content from leading enterprise organizations which gives users a lot of information. It can also enable enterprises to track employees’ progress and use a reporting tool and statistics to see if the employees are growing or not. For price inquiries, you get in touch with their customer service via Docebo’s official page.

Employee Training Tools Are the Key To Upskill Your Employees

As the day progresses, the business world is getting more competitive. Nowadays, almost every business leader or professional trainer who has pursued courses like MA in Education with Learning & Development (L&D), knows that the important aspect for any business to grow is if their employee is competent and have the latest skills.

One of the best ways to help employees upskill is via various employee training tools.

In this blog post, we have mentioned some of the best employee training tools available in the market within which you can choose any one according to your organization’s needs and requirements. By choosing the right employee training tool, every business leader and professional trainer can boost productivity, and engagement, and ultimately ensure the success of an organization.

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Written By : Park Jin Ae


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