The Importance Of Learning Retention For The Future

9th May 2022

Knowledge is sticky! Believe it or not, it is absolutely sticky and never leaves you once have you’ve gained it. Knowledge management is one of the major segments that schools and organizations cater to these days as it helps a lot in learning retention. We will definitely come back to this latter term but for now, let’s disclose great news.

Master of arts in education with learning and development is enhancing a deliberate development plan to encourage learning retention. There are several learning methods suitable for different kinds of learners. For example, an adult learner seeks authentic data and lesson plans oriented to valuable case studies, documentaries, and so on. Whereas, for kids or young learners, audio-visual infotainment lesson plans work the best.


Learning retention is a simple phrase and it means learning something, irrespective of the concept, and storing it for a long-term memory so that it can be utilized properly in the long run. It can be any form of information technological, financial, statistics, ethical, historical, medical, and so on. A proper learning session prepares students to understand what knowledge they are gaining and how should they implement those in the practical world.

There are several effective ways of learning for retention:

It is said that practice always makes a man perfect. A great method of learning retention is to practice the lesson that students have learned. Microlearning or studying a lesson that is segregated into different topics has shown massive results in learning retention.

So, before choosing a learning and development course, check this out!

In the case of microlearning, students first learn a specific topic and then attempt a compulsory assignment based on that topic. Passing that assignment will only allow them access to move to the next chapter. This practice and learning method is essential to lock the information in the brain. Once the information is getting embedded into the system, people tend to remember that for years.

The pillar of success is a mistake because every mistake is a barrier to grabbing success and therefore, is quite memorable. Making a mistake should be taken with a pessimistic approach but must be considered critical feedback. Learning from mistakes will always give a boost to restart in a fresh manner so as to improvise the path of reaching the target.

It is not just about reading the topics from online platforms or books but also participating actively in the entire learning process. Learning is an endless process. Development programs or training programs encourage the active participation of learners in various QnA sessions, webinars, talk shows, etc., so that they can learn beyond the academic syllabus.

Adult learners are getting a picture of the real world when they come across the vicinity of numerous people via webinars. They get to learn a lot about the subject they’re learning and the retention rate of learning becomes higher. Since online learning is the new normal, in order to retain information, learners can always opt for various learning courses. There are multiple free courses of excellent quality available in the market and above all, one can choose to learn from YouTube efficiently. Besides, degree programs, master's programs, and talent development courses are also present over the internet.

At the end of the day, your brain needs some rest. Adult learning might seems easier due to the fully-grown maturity level of people and their ways of handling responsibilities effectively, but deep inside, it is really tough. As the adult brain is into multiple things, taking a rest for a couple of hours is of utmost necessity. An ample amount of sleep is mandatory.

If you want to test how much you have learned, you can always teach someone else and understand what is the level of your learning. Imparting the knowledge that you have gained accurately will always help you to revisit the lesson and thereby, you’ll never to forget it.


When it comes to corporate sectors, reinforcement plans mainly deals with decision-making skills that are based on a sequential order. The major idea is to observe what is happening in the surroundings, assess the problems, troubleshoot, and then come down to concrete decisions.

Post-training reinforcement in the form of the QnA method is a great plan. The main objective of the training is just not to pass on the information to employees or trainees but to encode it, recall it, and apply it as well. These three pillars, i.e., encoding, recalling, and applying play a major role in the professional as well as personal development of employees.

Encoding information or learning material means transferring the information on the basis of short-term or long-term memory. Recalling refers to retrieving the information from the mind palace and Applying is implementing the lessons learned strategically in relevant situations.

If checked statistically, it has been observed, that majority of the people tend to forget the lessons learned within an hour. Within 30 days, that amount of forgetting increases to 90 percent. Therefore, continuous practice of the lessons learned should be in continuation so that no one can afford to forget them.

Thus, the Masters of Art in Education with learning and development has designed the course keeping in mind the concept of learning retention. It is a serious matter of discussion and hence, multiple curricula have been added to keep it robust and useful for learners.

Written By : Victoria Lewis


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