Training, Lecturing, and Presenting Are Not The Same Thing

18th January 2022

The differences between Training, Lecturing, and Presenting can be refined. Nevertheless, there are several significant factors to consider in how to approach one or the other. When it comes to execution, the terms are diverse and the word could generate opportunities for the listeners.

The major purpose of training is to deliver information as well as skills that trainees will use in the real world. Training is the accomplishment of teaching a person a precise skill or form of behavior.

Difference Between Training, Lecturing, and Presenting

Key differences between delivering training, and lecturing or presenting -

Different Determinations

The first foremost difference includes the purpose of the event, or the results expected.

Presentations and lectures are informational where the attendees are exposed to information. However, the importance is on exposure rather than learning that can be practical in the real world. Please note, it's not that presentation information is inappropriate to the real world, it's that the importance is different.

On the other hand, training is particularly planned to modify the capabilities of attendees (apprentices) and to shape new proficiencies that can be used in the organization.

Information Drift

Another major difference between training and presenting deals with how the communications and information drift. In a presentation, the chief flow or drift goes from the speaker to the viewers. Usually, that means that communication between audiences is comparatively low.

On the other hand, training is, however, far more flexible with information going in all directions which means it's far more interactive.

Variety Of Outcomes

Generally, presentations have several more possible results. It can be of various types like ---

  • Trade
  • Enlighten
  • Motivate
  • Influence/Convince
  • Promoter
  • Encourage
  • Entertain
  • Educate/Teach

When we talk about training, it’s all about "learning to do"!


While articulating any presentation, one thing that comes to our mind is how long will you take to deliver it. Lectures will mostly be to some extent longer than a presentation. Meanwhile, a presentation is stereotypically shorter. If you are including a few slides to support your lecture, you need to make sure to contain sources and associated reading. In a presentation, instead, it supports being more direct with the content that you are giving to the audience.

Formal vs Informal

Generally, lectures frequently take a much more academic method, whereby they are heavily planned, referenced, and researched. In contrast, presentations are usually less formal in this context.

Now…let’s quickly have a look at a few similarities between lecturing and presenting.

What are the similarities between lecturing and presenting?

It is easy to find some of the differences but actually, there are important similarities between lecturing and presenting too.

  • The authority of the orator is best established through personal supremacy rather than positional supremacy – in both cases.
  • In both cases, skills like - strong voice, confident body language, audience understanding, clear objectives, etc. are major important elements.
  • Both conditions also demand that the WHY question is addressed properly.

Wrapping It Up

We understand these slight distinctions might be hard to grip, still, we tried to present the differences in a simplified way. Consider a train the trainer program as this will shape your training delivery skills in a much better way.

To help you move from being a presenter to a facilitative trainer, check out our other courses.

Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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