5 Signature Qualities Of Inclusive Leadership

30th December 2021

Inclusive leaders shape a network of various talents that can think more productively and differently. They are essential, and in demand at every level of an association.In today’s world, ‘n’ number of organizations have an urgent need to start evolving more inclusive leaders now.

Inclusivity has always been dominant in effective leadership.Organizations across the world, need knowledgeable and empathetic leaders.

There are 2 types of inclusive leaders -

  • Leaders who lead with the heart
  • Leaders who lead with the head

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic proved that leaders, who are technical knowledge, are inquisitive, coherent, humble, honest, and caring, are much better leaders.

Five Signs of Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders share a group of five signature qualities:

1. Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

This is extremely important while nurturing inclusion.An inclusive leader needs to be able to see and appreciate different perspectives. Inclusive leaders are observant of others’ cultures and adjust as required. They also ask questions respectfully and are open to learning.

2. Promotes Psychological Security

Make sure that your workplace is safe for your team to bring up matters or ways that you can be more inclusive. Inclusive leaders can make the workplace safer for their team. Sometimes, the office can be an intimidating place for those who are thought“other” by society.

This can significantly disturb the mental health as well as the well-being of your diverse team. Nevertheless, no one can control the behaviour of others, but then again leaders should encourage them to do better. You can consider disciplinary action (if it’s in your power) going that route.

3. Trust Binding

It is necessary to establish the fact that your diverse team knows that you will support them.Inclusive leaders usually use both their privilege and standing in the company to make way for constructive change. Admit when you make a mistake and learn from it. Stand by your word and speak the truth. Try to be transparent with your team, they will trust you. This generates a stronger team all-around.

4. Empowerment

Try to understand the different worldviews. People have different opinions and thoughts. All of them together make a diverse team and inclusive leaders know how to manage the difference of opinions among their respective teams. They actively listen to their viewpoints and recognise them. Embrace this and be adaptable. This produces a sense of empowerment among your team members.

5. Favouritism Awareness

Awareness of biasedness includes cultivating an understanding of various kinds of personal predispositions, such as unspoken stereotypes, groupthink, and confirmation bias. This furthermore, includes starting clear policies for making merit-based choices about promotions, rewards, and task distributions.

The Bottom Line

A truly inclusive leader is a long road game, but a significant and valuable one. Consider training and development program for employees. By developing more inclusive leaders, organizations will understand the true benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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