Reskilling Employees Is The New Classic

22nd December 2021

With the onset of the latest technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, numerous jobs have vanished drastically from the surface of the earth. The major reason behind this trend is the level of accuracy provided by these non-human items. Also, the main investment occurs during the manufacturing of such gadgets or technologies while during updating or maintenance another expenditure is required.

However, when it comes to employees, it takes a huge investment and regular expenditure behind their upkeeping. Training and development need a lot of investment let alone the monthly salary, and so on. Thus, the overall expenditure in handling an employee is way more than that of technology.

Thus, if you're leading an organization, you must reskill your team for the future to prevent expenditure. The professional PG Diploma in train the trainer program guides every leader who wants to bring a revolution in the organization by reskilling her/his team members.


Organizations these days are investing more in the developmental and learning processes than in recruitment. Rather than external hiring, leaders are predicting more trends toward contingent workers and project-based cross-functional work to reach the organizational targets. Studies have shown that with an increase in employee reskilling, the overall efficiency of the organization has accelerated.

Everyone has a preference or a dream job domain but after years and years of working on the same genre, employees often get bored. When they are introduced to a new domain via reskilling, their enthusiasm to learn a new thing gets triggered and they contribute a lot in excelling at that specific domain. Thus, the employee retention rate remains high.

Reskilling also helps in cost-cutting. For example, let's say one employee is a content writer by profession and has knowledge in graphic designing as well. It has been seen that owing to the pandemic, there has been employee lay off everywhere. Had it been the same person who was an expert in content writing and graphics designing, the organization would not have to lay either of them off.

Thus, Human resource management is focusing on either multi-skilled employees or encouraging internal mobility so that the budget can be mostly towards the development and learning processes.


There are many reasons that support the practice of internal mobility but among those 3 major reasons are:

  • Consistency in improvement – Having internal talent mobility enables employees to continuously improve themselves and thereby enhance their skills in various domains. It makes sure that employee turnover is very low by encouraging them to shift roles, projects, and work assignments.
  • Increase in lateral growth of employees – Depending upon the skills of employees and the fast they have grown, they should be given a chance for lateral growth. For example, someone who is an expert in advertisement can definitely join the social media marketing department and practice her/his advertising skills genuinely.
  • Autonomy to employees – Having a strong skill set gives employees the freedom to expand their skills set, pivot to another career path, and grow more within the organization.

The BOTTOM LINE is that as soon as you plan to reskill your tram for the future, keep a note of the talents your employees possess. If someone is from the IT department and you want her/him to work in finance where she/he has zero knowledge, that decision will be devastating. Thus, a clear knowledge with the Professional PG Diploma in Train the Trainer and employees must be there with the leaders. Reskilling has been a proven method to enhance the productivity of an organization.

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta


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