Pre-Employment Assessments To Hire The Right Talent

13th December 2021

Good hiring decisions can take your company to the next level!

Various types of pre-employment tests have transformed the way hiring is being directed internationally. Pre-employment tests are the better way to screen candidates. Screening numerous CVs must be one of the most unproductive ways to find the right candidate for your organization. 45% of companies use different types of pre-employment tests for onboarding!

Therefore, employers use pre-employment tests to distinguish if you're the right fit for specific job openings. So, let’s discuss what pre-employment testing is, why employers use it and the five different types of pre-pre-employment tests you can take.

What is pre-employment testing?

These are the objectives and uniform ways of collecting data on candidates during the hiring method. It is a popular technique to attain and document information about you throughout the hiring process. Some employers have a pre-employment test be a condition before they can interview you.

It is predictable that recruiters report that over 49-50% of job applicants do not meet the basic qualifications of the job. In this situation, pre-employment tests can deliver wonderful value for organizations in search of to find the right talent.

5 Types of Pre-Employment Tests

There are several types of pre-employment tests. You can use in your assessment to quantity candidates on soft skills like cognitive aptitude, personality, situational decision, as well as hard skills such as role-specific skills, programming knowledge, software expertise, and more.

Pre-Employment Tests

1. Personality Test

HRs started using Personality Tests to make the most of employee potential. Typically, personality tests are used to assess the human personality to make the good hiring decisions. They are planned to categorize workplace outlines, appropriate features and qualities. These kinds of pre-employment testing aid build self-awareness and simplifying team building. These tests can be divided into 2 parts –

• Bright Side – This includes positive personality qualities that are simply noticeable and support in improving on-the-job performance.
• Dark Side - This leads to the presentation of counterproductive behavior, unpleasantly impacting the office and co-workers. 

2. Cognitive Ability Test

According to Mercer Mettl’s Assessing Cognitive Competencies at Work, the association between cognitive intelligence and work performance is at least 51% and can go as high as 84%. This measures candidates’ aptitudes such as critical thinking, spoken reasoning, numerical aptitude, problem-solving, decision-making, etc. This kind of pre-employment exam aids HRs in refining the quality of hires.

3. Role-based Tests

Role-based tests are curated as per job occupations and job roles. The aptitude outlines in each differ accordingly. Recruiters test the knowledge job prospects possess in their field. The three types of pre-employment testing that are the building blocks of a role-based competency framework are –

domain expertise
behavioral attributes

4. Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral assessment tools can be easily personalized for all job levels and use cases. These kinds of pre-employment testing are formed on behavioral proficiencies, additional classified into sub-competencies. A behavioral assessment amounts the behavioral skills of individuals in a replicated work environment. Candidates are offered a sequence of real work-related situations with possible courses of action.

5. Remote Work Assessment

Remote work aids and skills are now at the front due to COVID-19. Employees need separate assistance to direct their way through the present remote working environment at different levels. They are evaluating employee willingness to safeguard business endurance and productivity of remote workers. The assessment helps managers and leaders get a deeper understanding of the remote workers’ fortes and areas of development and growth.


The value of hire is the most perilous metric in talent acquisition. Master Trainer Program will help! Talent acquisition professionals are being held responsible for impacting quality, both throughout the recruiting progression and in the first year of service more than ever before. Organizations that will improve the quality of hiring are leveraging the accurate types of employment tests to make data-driven choices.

Written By : Victoria Lewis


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