Thoughts On An Authentic Workforce Engagement

29th November 2021

In an organization, it can be evaluated who are the most engaged employees. The contribution of such employees is great and it impacts the overall revenue collection of the organization. These employees are loyal, dedicated, have a go-getter attitude, and most importantly they have a huge hunger for achieving the target.

An important question that often arises is how to figure out if an employee is engaged or not. To solve that problem, train the trainer courses, design a well-structured curriculum and provide training sessions that identify the rate of engagement of an employee.

Train the trainer program helps to improve employee engagement. Owing to such a brilliant engagement program, the customer experience is also great. This, in turn, increases the goodwill of the organization.

Traits of an engaged employee:

Communication skills: An employee who has excellent communication skills seldom fails to accomplish a mission. He/she knows what exactly the organization is expecting and delivers performance accordingly. Besides, there is no communication gap among the team members which makes the path of a task smooth.

Looking for the bigger picture: A truly engaged employee will also target the bird's eye. He/she is dedicated enough to formulate effective strategies to achieve the goal. Also, such employees help their teammates to grow professionally and personally because they believe that in doing do the overall success of the organization will increase.

Room for improvement: If an employee knows that there is room for improvement, he/she is engaged, for real. He/she will never settle for something ordinary or simple and will continue working till the utmost level of perfection is reached.

Positive environment: Having a positive ambiance in a workplace is not always easy but engaged employees will always make sure that their co-workers are not suffering from any negativity. Human beings do mistakes but such an employee will focus on how to rectify the mistake so that his/her team members are not suffering from a lack of confidence.

Surpassing the goals: A true employee always tries to go beyond his/her limit. As soon as truly engaged employees finish off a project, they move to the next one and try to implement better strategies to give a better performance. This is not applicable in everyone's case though, yet this feature is often found in an employee who is truly engaged.

According to employees and supervisors, what are the signs of an engaged workforce?

Often supervisors have conducted surveys in organizations to figure out how do the employees feel while working there. They have received a mixed report and thus they have eventually come up with signs that clarify the meaning of an engaged workplace.

It is not only about the knowledge and skills of the employees. Supervisors feel that there are thousands of employees who are highly skilled and have an excellent level of experience. They are extremely dedicated, loyal, and contribute beyond their limit for the success of the organization. But, when asked about their roles in the organizations, many have surprised the supervisors.

Sometimes, the level of engagement is not easy to elevate. Many employees remain confused about their job roles and wonder how their contributions affect the growth of the organization. Data collected from the employees show that in the case of employee engagement, the perspectives of supervisors and employees are sometimes different.

Thus, an employee engagement strategy has been developed by the collective effort of supervisors and employees that shows signs of an engaged workforce. The strategy works in a format mentioned below:

Knowing the role: An employee knows the exact role he/she is playing in a super cool organization. These kinds of employees are well aware of how their actions or steps will affect the team and the entire organization. They know how to perform their roles so that their goals align with the topmost leaders'.

Opinions: Democratic supervisors often ask for opinions from their employees. Once they receive a relevant opinion, they accept it. Employees feel confident, respected, and values whenever they are being asked for opinions. This shows that supervisors also have faith in the abilities of their employees which enhances the engagement level of the employees.

The attitude of supervisors: This has a great impact on workforce engagement. An autocrat does not care much about the personal development of his/her employees which demotivates the employees. On the other hand, some leaders push their employees out of their comfort zone which brings fruitful results. Thus, the engagement of employees, to some extent, depends on how they are being treated by their supervisors.

Proactivity: Some supervisors feel that the level of proactiveness of employees determines the engagement of a workforce. According to some employees, their managers feel they are less proactive when they do not ask questions after receiving an assignment.

Those employees feel that they do not feel confident enough to ask questions. However, some supervisors believe that sharing ideas, no matter how much stupid those might be, shows that the employee is keen to work for the team.

Communication: Doing direct follow-up with the managers, sending regular updates via e-mails, discussing work-related issues, etc., create an impression in the supervisor's mind that such employees are dedicated and constantly engaged. While an employee feels that direct conversation with the leader is always beneficial. Whereas, some leaders have an impression their employees do not work with enthusiasm because they have clearly spotted unhappiness in their way of performing a task.

Collaboration: Employees who are truly engaged have often seen celebrating others' success. Such a gesture radiates very positive vibes and leaders often take it as a sign that those employees are concerned about the team's success.

Thus to perfectly formulate an employee engagement strategy, train the trainer courses have created a training program for increased employee engagement. An authentic workforce engagement will always ensure the best outcome and the productivity of employees will also increase.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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