Human-Centric L&D Approach For Business

15th November 2021

Recently, Google and RedThread Research have mutually discovered forward-looking leaders are leveraging the characteristics to upskill their workforces faster. Additionally, LinkedIn Learning’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report found that 66% of L&D professionals globally agree that L&D will be the important point for upgrading and reforming organizations coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) publicly recognised burnout as a long-lasting medical condition, naming it an ‘occupational phenomenon’. This means to replicate that it is a work-based condition caused by chronic pressure.  

So, how can we foster these exclusive human behaviors in office culture to produce a high-performing association?

Understanding Human-Centered Leadership

In simple words, Human-centered leadership is putting people first! Irrespective of their situation, social relationships, and state of mind. To do so, you must be aware of the circumstances at hand and be able to be conclusive despite of upcoming ambiguity.

Human-centered leadership is all about fostering your in-house talent by making them feel like they're an important part of something expressive and purpose-driven. It includes compassion. It is all about a sincereintent to contribute to the well-being of others and to see them flourish.

You may think does being compassionate make you soft as a leader? 

Well, leadership is compound. The critical factor of being a successful leader is the courage to make the right picks. You must draw your participants- be they staff, investors, or communities—into a captivating idea.

Result of People-Driven Leadership  

A report by PwC says the extensive skills gap is a block that 79% of global CEOs are tremendously concerned by. 

In today’s world, companies have to discover more effective approaches to retain employees by generating a culture where leaders' top priority is to meet the psychological wishes of employees as humans.We all know during 2020, leaders were put at a bluff’scontrol and forced to make some tough decisions.

The fact is employees are the best brand ambassadors for your business. Hence, as a successful leader, you must implement mental health and wellness policies. Every employee must be involved, as this is how you shape trustworthiness and employee branding.

Result of People Driven Leadership

To start creating a human-centered workplace, start by training your employees on the following skills:

Empathy and Compassion

According to Deloitte’s 2021 report on the future of learning in the wake of COVID-19, 93% of leaders believe that firming the emotional force of the workforce will support navigating future disasters more easily. Empathy and compassion both are the major components for creating a human-centric organization.

Essentials of empathy come with practice. Try to create opportunities where employees can share the challenges they face. Active listening is a key component of empathy. After this, your employees need to develop compassion. Empathy and compassion aid foster an inclusive environment.


Feelings and emotions are the foundation for building a human-centric workforce.Self-awareness is a skill that is frequently neglected. When our self-awareness becomes choked, workplace efficiency, well-being, and collaboration all agonize. Start educating your employees on how the human mind functions both consciously and unconsciously. To be more effective, it is important to create a fostering environment. 


It is necessary to educate employees on how to show appreciation and gratitude. Learning to express appreciation is crucial for leaders and managers. It can be done by working with various teams to recognize moments that warrant appreciation. You can generate a company-branded gratitude journal to support your resourcefulness.

The Bottom Line

In the fast-moving economy, establishments have to attempt harder to build an all-encompassing culture. Employees are the greatest human resources. Online Specialised Train The Trainer Program for L&D Professionals program is something that will help you a lot. Evolving a human-centric workplace needs a move from training technical skills to educating employees on social as well as emotional skills.

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Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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