5 Entertaining And Inclusive Diversity Team Building Activities

30th October 2021

Did you know according to Harvard Business Review, companies with higher-than-average diversity had 19% higher revenues?

Another fact is giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter have frankly admitted a lack of workforce diversity.

Diversity training for employees is extremely important to make sure your workplace is inclusive and fair to the workforce. It is a manner of including people from diverse races, cultures, genders, and social backgrounds into the work culture. It should be a high priority.

However, while maintaining diversity or encouraging diversity, sometimes companies do struggle with conducting the right diversity activities or diversity team-building events. Please remember, you don’t have to be too serious while executing these activities because nobody likes boring stuff!

If you are looking for some entertaining yet inclusive diversity activities, keep on reading the blog!

Diversity Games for the Workplace

Here are five diversity team building events:

1. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) In Flower Petals

Try this amazing recreational activity. It needs 4-10 members in each group, and it is one of the best ways to learn more about each other. All the members need to be encouraged to make the best of their creativeness and ideas. Here’s how to carry on –

All the teams should get a big art paper with some colorful markers.
Each group has to draw a big flower. It should have a round center with an identical number of petals to the number of participants in their team.
After discussion, each member needs to fill the petals with something exclusive about themselves. It can be of anything that makes them stand out from others. Nevertheless, physical characteristics should be disregarded.
Everyone should fill the center of the flower should be filled through their ‘common’ something.
Each team should share the flowers with the other groups to discuss the dissimilarities and similarities.

This activity also provides mental exercise along with broad scope for social communication.

2. Diversity Thumball

This is also another fun activity that you can implement. Some of the key diversity topics the game touches on comprise listening and responding in ways that authenticate and make others feel heard, how to review ideas, respectfully agreeing to disagree, and ending unnecessary personal attacks.

Here’s how to play:

  • On each section of the ball, there’s a considerate prompt designed to get your employees talking.
  • Ask the person with the ball to answer the prompt it landed on.
  • Keep on tossing the ball around the room, answering the questions as you go, until each learner has contributed.

This game is a great way to talk about a range of hard subjects in a low-pressure setting. By the end of this diversity game, participants will have a better consciousness of their coworkers and a strong introduction to welcoming multiplicity.

3. Potluck Lunch

Diversity should be celebrated, and what better way to rejoice that through food, isn’t it? Arrange a potluck lunch for all employees where they can carry a dish from their ancestral or cultural background. Or one that represents some sole about their individuality. Each employee can allocate a bit about their dish as the team gathers around and enjoys this shared mealtime. It is because food is one of the best conversation starters. It provides a constructive occasion to share and connect.

4. When’s The Happy Hour?

Well, it’s not just about putting some drinks on the meeting table and calling it a party. Office happy hours can be a great networking break. To begin the road of real fun, office happy hours should have a preparation with a purpose.

It can demonstrate to be a great get-together and facilitate to know each other individually. Apart from foods and drinks, they should experience something stirring, beautiful, or appalling that creates conversations that go far beyond the limitations of happy hours.

5. Money In The Jar

This is also referred to as the Hotjar Guys Challenge. It induces a gender-neutral language for enhanced diversity as well as inclusion in the office. In an all-encompassing culture, the way we deal with a group matters a lot. The four-lettered word ‘Guys’ can make a lot of female team members feel excluded from a conversation and unhappy about it.

Now, the idea is that whoever uses the word in the mistaken context has to put a currency in the jar every time. It boosts a lot of awareness against using gendered language in the office and also assists in raising some money for a reason.

Diversity in a place of work is essential for respect, discovering new solutions, and improving employee retention in the long-term with a corporate trainer training program. The above diversity activities can implement inclusion work straightforwardly.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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