Employee Onboarding Checklist: This Is What Professionals Do

18th October 2021

Employee onboarding checklist starts with being equipped and organized for your new starter. The initial few weeks and months of a new hire’s employment are the most significant in ensuring staff retaining.

This whole process contains what you expect from your organization, what they can expect in return, and helping them join into your company environment as efficiently as possible.There are various small additional add-ons that can make all the transformation when creating an environment your new hires want to stay and grow in.

Create A Better Employee Onboarding Checklist

Remember, onboarding will not be the same for everyone. This depends on an employee’s department, position, and role within the company. Some other factors are –

  • Culture
  • Location
  • Departmental processes
  • The employee’s learning plan, and
  • Who the new joinees needs to know in their roles

Checklist ForA Better Employee Onboarding Agenda

1. Consider vision and goals

Give a clear clarity on the role and how it fits into the corporation’s vision and goals. Let the joinee know about the company and product(s) overview, targets and role summary.

2. How you function

After that, deliver a guide to how the new hire should function day-to-day. Share the company’s norms and perks.

3. Access to tools

Give satisfactory and timely access to the software as well as physical tools the new hire needs to execute her/his job. Let them know about the collaboration and communication, company’s security, different productivity hacks, department-specific software and so on.

4. Access to resources

Provide all the relevant context and history on the new hire's scope of work. Offer reading material that’s applicable.

5. Access to people

Introduce new hire/s with important people he/she will be expected to interact with. Also, give an introduction to related team members, supervisor(s), and external contacts.

6. Social enclosure

Deliver a sense of inclusion into the team and community. Conduct an introductory meeting and share various updates to the company website along with social channels with the new team addition.

7. Training materials

Making detailed training materials is important for your new employee’s accomplishment. Consider the following key items –

  • Licenses & certifications
  • Skills training
  • Assigned tasks
  • Advanced tasks

Once you’ve employed an employee and decided on a starting date, send them the following information before they arrive:

  • Logistical info. Make sure the new hire knows the company address, where they can park, which door they should enter through, items they need to carry, what time they need to reach, and any other relevant logistical information.
  • HR forms. Deliver them with any HR documentation that must be completed before their first day.
  • Employee guide. Ask them to read over the employee handbook so they’re aware of company rubrics and regulations.
  • First-day schedule. Make a first-day schedule so that the new hire knows what to expect when they reach.

Try to continue to monitor the new hire and offer constructive feedback as they settle into the position. Trainer Training Program for HR will certainly help you! After that, deliver them with a 90-day review to let the employee know how they’ve developed!

We hope this decisive employee onboarding checklist will help you to get your new hires up to speediness.

Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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