5 Poor Leadership Qualities To Avoid For Effective Leadership

23rd September 2021

Leaders with poor leadership traits are very common. In the end, not everyone is born with all the qualities a good leader should have. Poor leadership behaviours can pointedly hamper your employees’ performance and productivity.

Ever heard of the “Peter Principle”? It’s the awareness that in any business individuals get promoted based on their accomplishment at the job they’re presently at. And this growth stops only when they reach a level where they don’t outshine anymore. Basically, they have gone beyond the stage where they were skilled, so getting stuck at their level of incompetence.

This is how poor and ineffective leaders are made, getting promoted to a position they just aren’t fit for. For example, just because somebody is good at selling doesn’t mean that he/she can lead a sales team effectively. Therefore, it’s significant to be aware of poor leadership qualities.

Bad Leadership Qualities

These are five major poor leadership qualities to be aware of.

Autocratic Leadership

When someone becomes an effective leader, it means he/she is being able to make important decisions. However, that doesn’t mean the person should make every decision. Employees’ input matters a lot—and while making decisions, it’s significant to value their opinions as well.

Otherwise, your team members will feel undervalued and unappreciated. As an effective leader with the trainer training program for HOD, try to be sure to consider your team’s feedback before making a concluding decision. Democratic leadership shares decision-making power with the team.


Quite naturally, you may have few employees that you have a closer personal association than others. You should avoid giving any special treatment to any of your team members. To boost loyalty and maintain positive assurance, it’s significant to ensure that all of your employees feel appreciated and respected. You should always be sure to identify your employees’ distinct contributions.

Effective Leadership

Extreme Micromanagement

Micromanaging can cause your workforces to think you don’t trust them to do their jobs effectively. It is a very inflexible approach and never brings effective results to be proud of. With micromanagement, you are limiting the growth of your team.

Try to give your employees ownership of their methods and projects with little guidance. Spending unnecessary time micromanaging also distracts you from your other managerial responsibilities. By eliminating micromanagement you’re opening the door to development and progress.

Lack Of Adaptability

Effective leaders know when and how to adjust their management style. They also distinguish their team members and understand how to encourage them individually. The fact is not all employees are driven by the same factors.

Effective leaders identify this and are fluid. They adapt to changing situations. If you want to earn your team’s conviction and boost productivity, you need to be flexible enough.

Lack of Vision

Skilled leaders have to be always focused on how they can make tomorrow more resourceful and productive than today. An effective leader acknowledges innovation and constant evolution to achieve even advanced successes and stimulate employees.

This poor leadership trait is the one that stops development and makes the company fester. When progress and growth stops, the forthcoming is clear, it only goes downwards from thereon.

Fostering an effective leadership approach is the key to maximizing your team’s performance. By accepting positive leadership approaches, you can ensure your employees feel appreciated and boost their performance. Explore the trainer training program for HOD to help you improve leadership skills in your association.

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta


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