5 Amazing Tips For Handling A Disgruntled Employee Successfully

14th September 2021

To keep your business engaging and highly productive, it is essential that your employees feel involved, appreciated, and are motivated. Involved staffs are more productive in performing their jobs to their maximum potential. This will ultimately help your company achieve its long-term goals.

Nevertheless, disgruntled employees are a complicated thing to deal with as they can be hard to identify. Unhappy employees can have several negative effects on your business. The term 'disgruntled' essentially comes from an old word 'gruntled,' which means 'to grunt.' Consequently, no matter how well you run your association, you may come up against a disgruntled employee from time to time.

Fully Engaged Employees Vs Engaged Employees

Manage the Disgruntled Employee Successfully

The good news is you can identify those disgruntled employees. Try to observe these aspects -

  • One of the major signs an employee is disgruntled is when her/his performance drops.
  • Absenteeism is also another characteristic of a disgruntled employee.
  • If somebody's attitude changes and doesn't recoil back, it's certainly a sign that something is wide of the mark.
  • Team performance drops as well.
  • Decreased motivation is also another sign of a disgruntled employee.
  • Lack of collaboration or teamwork.

Know how to handle the situation if it gets to your feet.

Stay Professional

It is significant to stay professional always when handling any work condition. Stay professional irrespective of how the unhappy employee acts. Try to avoid yelling, swearing, or stooping to their level. Try not to lose your calm.

Keep in mind that it needs to be handled in a professional manner, on behalf of the company.  Also, try to give your employee some privacy to talk through their feelings. Don’t confront a discontented employee in front of others. If there is an issue, try to have the most suitable person address it, and keep everyone else on task.

Be Empathetic

Try to approach the matter with kindness and empathy. Identification is just the initial step. Discuss with the employee as he/she might not be directly open to sharing what is on his/her mind. Your primary meeting needs to set the tone for the rest of the procedure.

You’re there to listen to the problem and deliver the employee a space where they feel comfortable sharing what is bothering them. Deal with their issues promptly. After discussing the situation, it may be essential to address the rest of the staff.

Remain Neutral

Listen attentively and try to stay impartial. When you listen to a disgruntled employee, the employee is more likely to be communicative about his/her problem. Even though it can be easy to approach the circumstances with a negative observation as the employee has been causing a problem, you need to fight it.

The employee may refuse to speak about what’s going on, get self-protective, or even react with anger. You need to remain neutral and calm no matter how the meeting discloses. This will protect you from any prerogatives of bias should the employee lash out later.

Document Everything

Keep official documentation of the conversation and disciplinary movements. If there are additional issues with this employee, it is significant that you have documented proof for earlier incidents.

Documentation creates a track of when you became conscious of a situation and what stages you took to fix things. It also helps keep the facts straight. It’s significant to have comprehensive notes from the employee as well as any other people that become involved as things reveal.

Train Them

Deliver training. An employee might feel unhappy due to many reasons, it could be due to poor performance and feeling overwhelmed. Or it could also be as they haven’t felt they’ve had development chances. Discuss with management about the corporate trainer training program options that could be provided. This will give an opportunity for the employee to upskill. It offers employees the tools to feel more organized in their roles. This also upsurges their performance and complete confidence in the workplace.

Nevertheless, disgruntled employees might be like difficult situations but try to see them as an opportunity to improve the workplace. Make sure to manage interactions with discontented employees in a professional way. If you implement these steps, you may feel better and safeguard your organization that will thrive long into the future.

Written By : Victoria Lewis


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