The Importance of Giving Effective Feedback to Your Trainees

14th December 2020

Feedback can be referred to as an action wherein information regarding the learners’ strengths and weaknesses are conveyed and discussed in order for the learners to be able to locate the areas where they can improve, and then work towards it accordingly. As it happens, feedback is an integral part of every education system, and is also very largely prevalent in the learning and development spectrum within an organisation. In a typical train the trainer course, the various tools and methods of providing effective feedback are covered, and trainers must master it in order to promote enhanced learning within the organisation. Here are some of the main reasons why giving effective feedback is extremely important for trainers.

Important of Effective Feedback for Trainers
  • Helps trainees learn from their mistakes: Feedback provides a great opportunity for the trainers to inform the trainees about certain mistakes they tend to make, or pinpoint specific areas of improvements. This information guides the trainees and equips them with the insight to not repeat their mistakes. At the same time, they can focus on enhancing their existing skills and bridging the gaps highlighted in the feedback session. As the likeliness to make mistakes is reduced, the employees can then perform better, and the entire can subsequently benefit.
  • Constructive feedback can be a source of motivation: Instead of delivering feedback in a negative tone and intimidating the employees, the trainers can choose to offer constructive feedback that renders benefits in twofold. Firstly, the trainee gets an extensive insight into how they can improve themselves, and hence modify their efforts accordingly. Secondly, when using the feedback information to improve themselves, the trainees can perform better. This in turn motivates them to keep doing better as they see positive results materialise in front of their eyes. This is certainly good for the organisation as a whole.
  • Forms a bond between the trainer and the trainee: When the trainer takes the effort to analyse a trainee and then share their suggestions, then the trainer gets to know the trainee better. Furthermore, the fact that the trainer is spending time to guide the trainee can make the trainees feel important, and thus motivate them to engage in the sessions. In addition, the trainees get the scope to share their problems and views in a training session, which furthers the relationship between the trainer and the trainee. In fact, being able to talk openly with the trainer can make the trainees feel comfortable, and hence encourage them to focus more on their skills development.
  • Keeps everyone on track: Most importantly, by providing properly structured feedback, the trainer can ensure that every trainee is on the right track, and if not, then they can devise feedback that will redirect them to the right path. This prevents the trouble of going over the entire process of retraining all the trainees, and help those who need it instead.

Alongside these aforementioned benefits, feedback has a slew of other essential benefits. A train the trainer course thoroughly covers the topic of giving effective feedback and why they are important to sustain proper learning and development. Therefore, opting for such a course will render a deeper glimpse for both aspiring and existing trainers to effectually wield the tool of delivering feedback.

Written By : Shivangi Chakraborty


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