Important Qualities of a Good HR Leader

28th November 2020

Human resource management is of great essence to every organisation. Just like finance head needs to consider a firm’s cash flows, income statements and profit figures, and operations managers need to check on processes and quality, human resource managers are in charge of a vital resource: human capital. That said, the act of regulating the human capital, training them, empowering them, motivating them, and extracting the best out of them take a lot of commitment and efforts. This is why a trainer training program for HR is highly important to ensure that human resource managers are trained and equipped with the right set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Let us look at some of the important qualities that can be commonly found in any good HR leader:

Important Qualities of a Good HR Leader

  • Great Communicators: That’s right! Like managers in almost every department and discipline, HR managers also need to be great communicators. They need to be able to clearly articulate their views, carry the right body language, use the right mix of vocabulary, voice intonation, and avoid confusions or misunderstandings by being intelligible and concise. In order to be good communicators, HR managers need to strengthen their speaking, writing, and listening skills. It is worth noting that listening is also an essential aspect of communication as HR managers need to thoroughly understand their employees’ views in order to guide them accordingly. The need to be a good speaker is further endorsed by the fact that HR managers are often in charge of conducting training sessions wherein the requirement to speak loudly and clearly is massive. A trainer training program in HR would particularly tend to focus on the communication element of human resource management.
  • Patient and Calm: HR managers are likely to deal with a variety of individuals from different backgrounds and preferences. These individuals will have different ways of working, and HR managers always need to find a balance and extract the best out of them. In order to do so, HR managers must be patient and calm. They cannot get easily angry or irritable as the employees will then be demotivated and will not carry the drive to perform effectively. Instead, having a HR manager who patiently handles conflicts, answers questions, and guides the employees is likely to make for a great HR leader.
  • Organisation Skills: HR managers need to be great organisers. Whether it involves planning a conference, a meeting, or company training sessions, the HR manager needs to organise the required resources and manpower in order to execute those events. At the same time, organising vacancy requirements, organisational paperwork, performance appraisals, and a slew of other activities require a lot of patience and organisation abilities. Importantly, a trainer training program in HR highlights some of the ways one can enhance their organisational abilities in order to perform well in their human resource roles.
  • Ethically Strong: Human resource managers need to have very firm moral values. They need to be fair, and ethical in every situation, whether it involves managing conflicts or workplace events. They also need to take care of the employees’ mental health, ensure that they are exposed to safe working conditions, and a comfortable ambience that is free from any form of bullying and biasness. In order for these things to materialise, HR managers need to have strong ethical values.

These are some of the main traits that HR managers must possess in order to succeed in their respective roles, develop their manpower, and drive them to perform their best. Keeping this in mind, a trainer training program in HR can help HR managers acquire the required set of skills and qualities that can make them highly successful.

Written By : Shivangi Chakraborty


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