Different Ways to Engage Adult Learners Including Training Needs Analysis

17th March 2020

Seasoned trainers are aware that a good preparation is required in order to succeed while teaching adult learners. But it’s not just preparation but a solid training plan which includes TNA i.e. Training Needs Analysis of the adult learners is also indispensable.

Let us take a look at the different ways to engage adult learners and boost training retention.

Know your audience beforehand

Adult learners usually come with a wide range of experiences and therefore, as a trainer you need to understand their requirements and what they would really benefit from the training session. Study the background of each attendee and help them build on the knowledge they have already gained.

Training materials should be relevant

When you are imparting training to adult learners always make sure to provide them with relevant information that is not only beneficial for them but relatable as well.

Manage & Facilitate Conversation

You need to learn to handle all kinds of trainees and manage dominating personalities. You must facilitate discussion where each trainee can participate and keep those in check who tend to interrupt the class. As a trainer, you need to harness the conversations and steer it in a positive direction.

Allow Exploration

You must always encourage your trainees to encourage exploration of training materials during training and this can be done through small group activities, brief assignments etc.

High-Value Deliverables are a must

High-value deliverables that recap and extend upon what has been taught are a must for adult learners. Deliverables can be offered in the form of printed handouts or via an online LMS.Additional resources are a great way to engage adult learners even after the training session is over.

Disseminate application-based information

Do a research about the workplace scenario before you embark on the training as the information you disseminate must be applicable in the workplace. Engaging learners in role-playing activities can be a great way to do it.

Positive Reinforcement for Training session

Most of the employees expect praise when they achieve something onthejob. Therefore, positive reinforcementmust spill over to the training sessions as well. You must praise the trainees when they achieve the learning targets. This will foster a healthy learning environment.

Thus, you can create compelling and interesting training sessions that even the most experienced trainees will enjoy and find it helpful. When you are training adult learners make sure that you are being proactive about the future growth of the organization as well and a thorough knowledge about the nuances of training needs analysis can be very helpful in this respect.

Written By : Dr Sanjib Neil Chakraborty


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