Best Practices To Boost Team Communication- 5 Tried And Tested Strategies

27th January 2023

Research reveals that 75% of employees rate collaboration and teamwork as the most essential element in a workplace.

Team communication is crucial; however, building good team communication practices is easier than you thought. As an administrator, leader, or manager, you need to improve communication between your team members in order to reap amazing results like greater agility, smoother team building, efficient performance, etc. But, even though workplace collaboration is vital, it is not an easy feat to achieve desirable results.

Thus, if you are pushing your team members towards efficient performance without trying to identify what you need to measure in the training results to create winning deliverables, this post is just for you.

What Is The Need For Effective Team Communication?

Strong and functional communication makes work much easier in terms of reaching goals and excelling in the industry. With this, you can trace stakeholder relationships, project quality, and customer relationships all back to how well your teammates communicate with each other.

Effective Communication

On the one hand, quality communication facilitates successful projects, engaged team members, and effective decision-making. On the other hand, lack of communication may cause:

  • Imbalanced work scenario
  • Disappointing results
  • Poor customer feedback
  • Stressful environment
  • High team member turnover
  • Lower team engagement

Therefore, to improve team communication, you as a leader must lead by example. Here is how you can build your communication skills:

  • Practice mindfulness and be transparent with your team members about your actions.
  • Answer all questions proactively and give them context about why you are taking a particular decision.
  • Create a culture of open dialogue to build a stress-free, healthy work environment.

5 Tips To Enhance Team Communication

Whether your team is working in the office or remotely, here are5 tips to promote team collaboration and foster healthy relationships:

  1. Resolve Conflicts Fast

    Most often conflict at work seems inconsequential and starts small. However, if it is not resolved quickly and properly, it builds tension and eventually, performance at work suffers. Thus, it is essential for you as a leader to understand how team members are communicating with one another and if there is any gray area of frustration or resentment.

    Once you determine such cases resolve them quickly to avoid bitter relationships. Moreover, you can also teach conflict resolution strategies to your team members so that they can address issues directly, respectfully, and quickly.

  2. Encourage Engagement

    As a leader you must know that your team members are not big fans of micromanagement, however, without any team collaboration or guidance, there might be a lack of engagement. Thus, you need to encourage your team members while still allowing them the freedom to be creative.

    Preferred methods of communication amongst UK employees

    Exchange ideas and information through brainstorming sessions during weekly workshops. Schedule meetings so that they can share their work schedule and share any questions if necessary. Show that you value each idea to reassure them that you support them.

  3. Nurture Bottom-Up Communication

    Team members at the bottom of the hierarchy might feel left out as they are not often comfortable sharing ideas or speaking up. Hence, when you promote a culture of bottom-up communication, you ensure that team members in every position can communicate their opinions.

    Top causes of stress amongst UK employees

    When you promote this type of communication, you build morale and trust within your team and also give them a sense of ownership. Ask for their feedback, opinions, and ideas so that get used to the idea of sharing.

  4. Schedule Personal Meetings

    Team communication occurs in both individual interactions as well as group settings. Nevertheless, when team members interact with one another, they tend to carry the energy from each experience back to the group.

    Thus, regular or weekly one-one-meetings are your cue to address any issues and check on the well-being of your team. When you offer them a space to talk freely, they will be more confident. Additionally, you can also motivate your team members to schedule a personal meeting with one another to get a little peer feedback and boost collaborative relationships.

  5. Provide Feedback Consistently

    Another essential part of team communication is performance feedback. Team members require reassurance about how they are doing to stay engaged and motivated. Thus, during individual meetings, give them feedback on their strengths and also discuss improvement areas to have room for growth.

    when managers are uncomfortablegiving feedback

    Furthermore, you can also ask them if they have any feedback for you. When you offer insights, team embers always feel comfortable as they realize you are keeping a track of their work and can share their honest opinions with you.

Master The Art Of Successful Team Communication

Facilitate better communication and bring your team together by employing these simple tips. When your employee feels comfortable in their workspace and treats it as their second home, working becomes much more fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. However, if you are unsure about how you should be measuring training effectiveness, consider pursuing a master trainer program to gain valuable insights and be more productive.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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