How Conducting Employee Engagement Survey could change the game for your company? - Complete Guide

29th December 2022

Nowadays, almost all employees look to work in an organization where they feel valued and where they’re being prioritized. So, it’s very important for every organization to find a way to retain their employees and make them feel valued and supported.

One of the best ways for every business leader to show their employees support is to hold employee surveys frequently to get all proper feedback, what they are liking and where they think there’s room for improvement.

Once they are feeling that they are important and valued by the organization then they will give their best to achieve any goals which they have been assigned.

As Paul Marciano, fashion designer & co-founder of Guess? Inc. says-

Engaged employees are in the game for the sake of the game; they believe in the cause of the organization.”

According to Quantum Workplace and a blog of, when employees have favourable perceptions of their managers then they are much more engaged and their work efficiency also got increased.

Perceptions of Managers and Engagement

Seeing the proven results of engaging employees can do wonders for every organization. Every business leader wants to hire a business trainer so that they can help managers of the company to make their employees more engaged in their work.

In addition, if you’re an aspirant trainer who wants to train organizational leaders then we have a recommendation for you which is our Train the trainer course which will help you to pave the way for your success.

Now without any further ado let’s get to know more about employee engagement and how to conduct an employee engagement survey successfully:

What is Employees Engagement?

Employee engagement is basically a state in which employee feels satisfied and happy with their job role in the organization. Those employees who are engaged will outwork easily those employees who are not at all feel engaged in the organization.

It’s every manager's responsibility to look after the engagement of every employee for the growth of their business.

If managers hold an employee engagement survey, then they can get honest feedback on how employees feel and how they are thinking while working.

Let’s get to know how you can conduct an employee’s engagement survey successfully:

  1. Attract their attention:

    The first step to creating an engagement survey make sure to keep the survey short and crisp, so that survey catches every employee's attention and they don’t feel overwhelmed while filling it out.

  2. Know your purpose:

    You need to have a clear idea of what you want to know about your employees and according to that set of questions for your survey.

    Make sure these points to keep in mind before creating a list of questions for your survey:

    i. What do you want to learn about your employees?

    ii. Why you have created this survey?

    iii. What are the goals your organization wants to achieve in the upcoming future?

    In addition, make sure to use simple language and a mix of open and closed questions to get proper and insightful feedback from your employees.

  3. Keep Survey Anonymous:

    To get proper and true feedback make sure to make the survey anonymous so that every employee can provide honest feedback without any hesitations.

  4. Be Transparent:

    You have figured out what you want and how to create your survey effectively. Now it’s time to tell every employee why you are organizing this engagement survey in your company, what’s the motive behind it?

    If you as a manager communicate transparently then employees will not hesitate to participate to fill out the survey and will give their honest feedback.

  5. Assess and share the outcome:

    Analyze all the responses which you have got front the engagement survey and appreciate your employees for their participation.

    Now the main task is after evaluating all the feedback you need to come to the conclusion about what’s going right and in which area requires immediate attention. According to that take major steps to keep employees satisfied with their jobs which will ultimately help you to achieve your organization's goals.

Final Thoughts:

Every business leader strives for only one goal is to take their organization to new heights and their workforce which is employees are the ones who can help them to achieve that.

In today’s generation, every employee wants to work there where they are valued and where the working culture is comfortable for them.

The best way to know your employee's requirements and to retain them for a longer period of time is to conduct an Employee Engagement survey, make them participate, and after getting the result take the required steps so that every employee feels engaged while working and give their best to achieve any goal.

Note: If you’re an aspirant trainer who wants to train corporate leaders or managers then we do recommend our Train the Trainer course, which could definitely make you a capable trainer to achieve success in your life.

Written By : Ruchi Mehta


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