Online Corporate Trainers: Must Have Digital Tools And Skills 2023 Checklist

26th December 2022

Over 79% of those looking for an employment say that an employer must offer formal training programs to their employees.

The internet these days has transformed how people consumes information. This is why corporate trainers need to focus on upskilling themselves to keep themselves updated. In a world of information overload, finding the best resources to develop yourself is nothing but a task. Moreover, if you are a newbie trainer willing to expand your skill set then you might find it hard to know where you start.

For starters, you can consider a Diploma in Design, Develop, and Delivery Virtual learning to prepare for your career as a trainer.

Next, if you are wondering what skills you need to become a successful online corporate trainer, take a look.

Essential Skills for The New Generation Trainers

  1. Communication Skills

    Training is all about talking and interacting with people and if this needs to be done online, strong communication skills become even more important. The possession of this skill can easily make or break a learner's experience. Trainers who have effective communication skills can easily connect with their audience, makes complicated tasks easy, elaborate concepts intrigue probing questions, and provide feedback.

    Thus, if you are finding it challenging to explain concepts in an accessible language and keep them engaged, then you might want to brush up your communication skills. Ineffective communication skills can often tarnish the learning experience if not addressed. Hence, by becoming a better communicator, you can be an engaging and inspiring trainer.

  2. Technology Skills

    Having technology skills does not necessarily mean that you as a trainer need to be programmer. However, it does imply having some degree of technological awareness to make your sessions run smoothly. This is because the more technologically savvy you are, the less hard time you will have dealing with the virtual learning sphere.

     The Great Lockdown will accelerate digitization

    Some of the basic technical skills include social media integration, collaboration tools, video conferencing, LMS, SaaS, authoring tools, etc.

  3. Organizational Skills

    Organization skills can not only make your life easy as a trainer but also as a person. Skills like time management will keep you on track and you will be able to accomplish everything on your to-do list. From collecting authentic study materials to developing training efficiently, mastering organizational skills are vital.

    Another skill that is interrelated with organizational skills is problem-solving. This is because, the more organized you are, the less trouble you have solving your problem proactively. Furthermore, training will be a less stressful experience, since you have already sorted everything out beforehand.

  4. Adaptability Skills

    Life does not always turn out as you expect it to, especially as an online trainer. You might come across job offers that alter your entire biological clock or students who require a little more leniency. Thus adaptability and flexibility are one of the most crucial skills that online trainers need to possess.

     More learners are accessing online learning

    Since unforeseen circumstances can happen anytime anywhere, you as a trainer needs to be prepared for the unexpected. Keep your alternative plans ready and second guess anything that could possibly go wrong. Moreover, to be effective in this chaotic world, you need to quickly shift gears and learn to adapt.

3 Digital Tools To Make Your Life Easy

  1. Video Editing Tools

    With an average of 5 billion YouTube videos being watched every day, it will be a crime not to use it especially if you are a trainer. Developing video content can sometimes be daunting and tedious if you are a newbie or are just not comfortable in front of a camera.

    However, you do not need to be a social media influencer or possess expensive gadgets to record a video for your learners. This is because the real magic happens while editing and editing can be even more time-consuming than just recording a video. Thus to help yourself out, you can use several video editing tools to add or delete frames, fix the pace of the video, insert textual overlays and so much more.

  2. Learning Management System (LMS)

    Understanding the Learning Management System (LMS) should be the top priority for trainers. This is because, this software allows you to create, monetize, promote, track learner analytics and do a lot of other things while teaching online. This can be your one stop shop for offering training and lessons to your learners.

    Moreover, these platforms are super easy to use and with practice, you can learn to navigate through them easily. The quickest and simplest way to do this is to explore and experiment with the in-built tools frequently. Mastering this will allow you to create an enhanced learning experience without having to depend on anyone else.

  3. Content Authoring Software

    If this is your first time going live with a bunch of faces staring at you, then knowing how to work around content can be a nifty skill. Moreover, if you have numerous content formats like articles, videos, infographics, presentations, etc for training then content authorization tools might come in super handy for you.

    This software allows you to package several multimedia files from various sources into a coherent online course for your learners to consume. Moreover, you can build courses independently, create custom assessments and accelerate the course time depending on your learner’s capability.

The Bottom Line

With online learning being the need of the hour, trainers need to stay agile and quickly adapt to the changing landscape of corporate training industry. Adopting and practicing these skills and tools can help you manage learners effectively when you might find it troublesome to get their attention. However, you need to remember that technology is just one part of online training. To jumpstart your career as an online trainer, consider pursuing a course in Diploma in Design, Develop and Delivery Virtual learning to have an edge among your competitors.

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Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta


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