Ways To Upkeep That Healthy Work Life Balance

6th October 2022

The future of work and the future of life is and will be determined by the officials and executives of today. Work life balance is different and is perceived differently in various aspects of life though. As in the right balance of work and life in totality is completely at a different scale when a person is single, it is completely different when an individual is married and again different when a person is retired.

The term ‘work life balance’, will however lose its buzz because a huge lot of millennials are in the work force arena and are day in and day out changing the definition of the way the term is delegated. Employers have been putting in all in all tremendous pressure and effort to make sure that there is no perfect one size fits all mantra. For some achieving an ideal work life balance is a myth. And it is true! However, there are a range of practical trainer program in the corporates that takes care of these aspects of work life.

Here’s what a ‘go to’ work life balance model looks like. Steps to a work life balance -

Tracking your time

It is but obvious and necessary to keep a time limit of every work that we do. Designating hours and deadline to your work gives the much-required discipline and focus for the outcome of the work here all. Time is money what they say in the corporate world these days and it is so true in all possible ways.

A professional is payed for every minute and every hour that he/she is working. Every deadline that the individual is chasing. So, to complete it within a stipulated time period it is more than important.

Determine your priorities

It is another crucial and the most important aspect of work. Ranking priorities and stating them as ‘top’ priorities both at home and at work. Reflecting what is most important to you. Then analyzing your time audit it is extremely important to ask oneself these basic questions –

  • What do I need to start doing?
  • Stop doing?
  • Continue doing?
  • Do more of?
  • Do less of?
  • Do differently?

Set specific goals

Set your ranked and analyzed priorities and turn them into absolute concrete and measured goals. Then slowly turn the priorities into impeccable goals. Block your time on your schedules for activities just like you block it for doctor’s appointment

Schedule yourself accordingly

Successful people first plan their work and then work their plan. One needs to be meticulous about work as one has only one life to live and it is very important to have a date planner for the same.

Needless to say, whether it is paper or digital platform it is this vehicle with which one needs to turn all the priorities into actual reality. Set aside 10 – 20mins separately at the beginning of each day to plan it accordingly or it will usually be brilliant if one plans his/her day a night before.

Poor Work-life Balance

Challenging assumptions

Getting rid of the baseless assumptions is all what a dedicated worker should focus on. We often assume and misinterpret the compassion that our co-worker and bosses have towards us as work mates. They also want what we want. A healthy and striking work life balance in a steady manner.

We keep assuming the fact that if focus on our self we would be misinterpreted and misunderstood but such is not the case. There are times we have set assumptions to even approach the other colleagues in case we require some help regarding work. But such assumptions should be done away with in every which way.

Tap your inner CEO

Too many people spend their lives being just ‘middle managers’ or ‘managers’. Rarely an individual gets connected to the inner CEO of one self. That is hugely responsible for not only the balance in the ‘work’ and ‘life’ sphere but also to climb and rise the greater ladder of career in whole.

It means to bring oneself in tune with the vision of the top boss of the organization. In short to think alike and act alike. Setting aside 15 – 20mins of time in a week with your inner CEO in life and career can really be beneficial in totality.

To End With

Achieving a healthy work life balance is still categorized under the research topics in corporates. Like so many things in life attaining the work life balance itself doesn’t have to be in isolation. One can talk about it to various people and many people that one may trust in the career journey to acquire it in much more specific ways. Upkeeping the healthy balance is difficult but not impossible at all. Consider the practical trainer program.

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Written By : Victoria Lewis


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