Impress Your Trainees With the Master Trainer Program by CTPD Asia

21st July 2022

During any training session, it is not just the responsibility of any trainee to be attentive and focus on what is being delivered. In fact, a trainer remains more cautious regarding the training plan and the training materials. Besides, a first impression presentation matters a lot while delivering a trainer program.

A master trainer program by the CTPD Asia (a division of Asian College of Teachers) assists to develop skills in delivering training to trainers. The master trainer training program is a skill-based course that guides professional trainers who want to upskill themselves and be superior in planning and delivering training. This training and development program provides an impactful learning experience to learners and the training content is of 21st-century global standard.

CEOS Focus on Upskilling

4 questions that trainers must ask themselves before they go for a training session:

  • What do they look like?
  • How well is the listening skill?
  • What do they sound like?
  • What should they say?

A trainer who will be able to assess herself/himself based on these 4 questions will be able to present herself/himself in a crisp and subtle way. As they say that the first impression is the last impression so is the scenario with trainers. We are definitely not suggesting you guys go for some LV suits or Gucci accessories but you must be able to carry things you’re putting on.

One of the main objectives of this master trainer program is to enhance your presentability as well. Grooming is very important because human psychology has an affinity toward a well-presented object. Grooming is another vital skill development and it is one of the training objectives besides professional skills development. This training program also shares materials having lessons on proper body language and gestures.

The main features of the master trainer program by the CTPD Asia are:

  • Suitable for experienced trainers / Supervisors / Managers
  • Comes with course materials and notes
  • Experienced trainers deliver our courses
  • Top up to Diploma level possible through earning credit points.
  • Face-to-face workshop format 3 days program
  • Online access is provided for reference and future study
  • Certification after successful completion from CTPD

If you’re having a minimum of 2 years of experience in corporates, institutions, or facilitating professions, then you can definitely go for this certification course. You can learn numerous innovative learning styles needed to deliver an effective training session.

The master trainer program is an in-class program that takes place for 3 days. Learners are trained by expert and accomplished trainers or global standards. The curriculum is divided into 4 parts and the entire program follows a micro-learning system. A microlearning system enhances the learning experience by enabling self-assessment and self-evaluation from learners’ perspectives.

At the end of each module, there is an assignment that learners will have to attend. Once they’ve learned skills from the 1st module, they’ll have to attempt a test and score passing marks. Unless they score passing marks they’ll not be able to move on to the next module. This skill-based course emphasizes quality learning so that professionals can reach depth and imbibe knowledge efficiently.

How you’ll be able to make an impactful impression with the help of the master trainer program?

  • How to maintain your posture while you’re speaking.
  • How to dress up while you’re the lead speaker.
  • How you should express yourself both verbally and non-verbally.
  • How you must have a personality that will attract trainees to focus.
  • How you should communicate with others in a respectful manner.
  • How much importance should you give to punctuality?
  • How you must learn from your past mistakes.
  • How to show enthusiasm while presenting.
  • How much optimism should you show while delivering a training session?

While you opt for this course, you will be able to understand why you need upskilling. You will learn:

  • To identify the learners’ objectives, and thus set your training objectives.
  • Designing training materials keeping in mind the capabilities and needs of trainers.
  • To provide feedback and analyze ones coming from students.

Thus, the master trainer program will help trainers to develop skills in delivering training. It is high time that you should upgrade yourself with time so as to evolve as a better trainer. To know more about it, call our toll-free number 1800-212-6400.

Written By : Park Jin Ae


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