Why become a learning organisation?

Organizations need to learn more than ever as they confront those mounting forces of competition as well as information. It is very important to become learning organization in this era where competition is very high.
Learning organization is an organization that continuously promotes employee learning in an effort to transform itself for the better. If you want your company to grow, consider molding your company into a learning organization.
In a learning organization, everyone’s opinion has a potential to influence change.

Characteristics of Learning Organization –

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Helps in company’s growth –

When you create a learning environment, work place becomes more innovative and competitive, as it takes into consideration the best ideas of its team members working at every level of organization. New ideas and thoughts are encouraged which provokes employees to do more and contribute even better. This type of learning company does not only help in organizational growth but also boosts individual skills.

Shared vision and team learning –

There are certain goals, certain tasks to be achieved at the end. Considering everyone’s decision while taking a final decision is an important aspect in a learning organization as they have a common shared vision and at the same time there is a lot of learning involved.

Providing continuous feedbacks –

Feedbacks are always helpful to do more and learn more. It helps create a learning environment and helps to do more in order to achieve the set goal.

Unique attitude towards working -

Learning organization has a different attitude and mind set to work than the traditional way of working. In a learning organization, they look for more and more innovative ideas. They believe in – if you aren’t changing then it is not working along.

  • In a learning organization, everyone is responsible to bring innovation in their work, their team and to the company as a whole. Everyone is given equal opportunity and not only the managers and heads are considered superior.
  • Making mistake is not a fear in this type of learning environment. Making mistakes and learning from them is encouraged. Ability to learn from them and gain expertise is important.
  • In this type of learning organization, there is a lot of learning and innovation as the mangers are not to control but to enable growth and development of an individual as well as organization.

Ways to create a learning environment –

  • Set a learning with larger company goal to motivate employees. The employees will create more and apply more. Also at times it will lead to more training and more positive reinforcement by the managers. This creates more communication and comfort and thus a peaceful environment is created. This encourages individual growth and team learning.
  • Encourage employees to create more and to be more innovative. Being heard by the authorities and involving them in decision making motivates employees to do more and achieve more collectively.
  • Give time for reflection of new ideas. Some ideas or points can’t be implemented from that very moment. So, giving time to reflect those creative things is one of the good ways to build up the good learning environment.
  • Continuous feedbacks and one on one communication are always good way to create learning environment.
  • To create a good learning environment it is important to concentrate on the learning process & practice. Also a good leadership is required to reinforce learning.
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