Training delivering methods to use in L&D

Training delivering methods to use in L&D

Every organization look for development, increased productivity, innovation and better employee relation. Training plays a vital role in any organization to achieve all these, training helps employee to strengthen their skills, gain more knowledge and build up better relationship among team which results in increased productivity and the overall development of an organization. But training can be successful only when it is going to be delivered in a right way by adopting appropriate methods of training.

There are many aspects of training delivery which need to be considered like number of participants, objective of training, expected training outcomes and training budget which is not also an easy job. But number of training methods available in the market today makes the task comfortable by choosing the right methods based on all the criteria you can analyze.

Most of the L & D professionals use multiple methods to deliver their training and keep on evaluating training delivery methods considering the learning objective of organization. To choosing a right training delivery method it should be recommended to keep in mind to fulfill the need of the organization. Here are some training delivery methods:

Instructor-led- training

Instructor led training is one the most conventional methods of training preferred by maximum number of learners, as this gives an overall and clear picture of training topic. To cater a larger group of people in a shorter time and where there is to provide limited information, ILT method is proved to the most effective with the credibility of the instructor and his training skills. Although instructor-led training dominates the market in terms of use because of its effectiveness. ILT is an effective means of delivering information, as it allows for real-time feedback, questions and answers, manipulation and changeable delivery to suit the needs of learners in a real-time environment, and a learning environment can be created by the instructor's style. This gives a direct platform for learners to interact with instructors and get their doubts clarified immediately. ILT is well suited for organizations focuses on employees’ interactivity and there preferred training venue.

Virtual Classroom

In this new era of technology, there is an introduction of advance method of training called Virtual Classroom or Virtual instructor led training. The biggest advantage of this training is that anyone can join or attend the training from anywhere across the globe. It does not require the physical presence of the participants which also limit the increasing budget of organization on training venue, logistic or other ancillary expenses. Training can be delivered in any form of medium like video, text, audio or a with a combination of different sources along with the presence of a good virtual trainer to make it effective. As this does not demand the geographical presence of the learners and instructor but also this type of training is effective only when organization is having a strong tech system and proper tech support to trainer and learners.

E- learning

E learning is one of the recent trends of learning and popular as well now a days. Most of the US based companies are adopting e-learning courses or training as it became convenient for the learners to learn at their own pace even by sitting at their home or from anywhere. These learning modules are quite interesting as it does not only have theory part as a text but a lot more which is a combination of video, audio, animation along with interactive assessments. There are many organizations which are having wider presence all across the world or organization which look for short flexible learning program for the betterment of their employees, E- learning program or training is the best option for such companies. Also, employees those who are performing high risk job in an organization, E-learning program through simulation can be very helpful for them.

Mobile learning

Mobile has become our part of life now and people are also becoming more comfortable for using mobile for most of their requirement instead of computer or laptop as mobile is very convenient and portable to carry anywhere. Good number of learners prefer mobile device to access the training content and they feel it is useful. Also 89% of smart phone users download learning app in their mobile for learning and they feel it quite productive also. As one of the trendiest methods of training used by most of the big companies. Mobile learning is engaging, content interactions can be personalized to facilitate motivation and engagement. Learners can communicate through online communities, such as forums and chats. The classroom is everywhere and modern workforce is dispersed, allowing for a wider reach and cost effective where existing content can be leveraged and reused.

Blended learning

Blended learning has combination of mixed approach where more than two methods can be used taking into consideration the knowledge retention of every learner. Organizations having diverse training requirement and complex learning objectives follow blended learning approach. This is a style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media as well as instructor led training that is traditional face-to-face teaching. Over the years there is lot of advancement in the training industry and also in training delivery methods. Web-based platform has added up couple of new training methods to experience innovation in training. But adopting all the methods or only modern training methods for any training is not the solution. Right and proper methods should be selected for delivering a training by understanding all the criteria relevant to training objective.

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