Road Map for training and development specialist

Road Map for training and development specialist

Training and Development specialists are the experts who plan, design, deliver, as well as monitor the training program for employees to improve their knowledge, skill and efficiency.

Educational Requirement

Although Training and Development specialists may come from various backgrounds, they have to have a bachelor’s degree as minimum eligibility. It is often seen that, most of them have bachelor’s degree in human resources, instructional design, social science or business administration.

Job outlook

It has been observed that the projected growth rate in employment from 2016 to 2026 for Training and Development specialist is 11%, whereas it is only 7% in all other occupations.

License and Certification

Certification as Training and Development specialist is not mandate criterion for professionals, but having one establishes the credibility and expertise on the same, as some employer may prefer to hire certified candidate for the position. There are several institutions that offer classes, to improve the skills.

Career growth

After getting certain years of experience, Training and Development specialists can upgrade themselves and hold positions like training and development manager or human resource manager. Some employers also prefer a Master degree in order to offer promotions to their Managers.

Salary of Training and Development specialist

The medium pay for a Training and Development specialist is $ 59,020 annually and $ 28.37 hourly.

What Training and Development specialists do?

  • Assess the training needs of an organization through various tools like survey, questioning the managers and employees of all level
  • Define the training objective of the organization
  • Design the training program along with creating training modules and course material
  • Deliver the training program to the employee with proper environment and instructional techniques
  • Review and evaluate the delivery of training program
  • Evaluate the training cost as well as organize the entire training program

Career for Training and Development Specialist

  • Training Specialist
  • Training coordinator
  • Job training specialist
  • Skill training specialist
  • Corporate trainer
  • Development specialist
  • Employee development specialist
  • Workforce Development specialist

Few other similar options

  • Compensation and Benefit Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Instructional Specialist
  • Labor Relationship Specialist
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Career and Technical Education Teacher
  • School and Career Counselor

In an organization, the work of a Training and Development Needs specialist is not only to structure the training and deliver it, but there are lot of other processes that need to be undertaken before as well as after the training program. To administer a training program first there is a training needs analysis that is required to be assessed.

A Training and Development specialist also needs to have a flexible idea about implementing newest technology such as training through electronic gadgets, so that they can not only manually deliver the training but also to deliver training via video calls and online applications.

Overall training is very much a collaborative aspect of an organization between the trainer, mentor, managerial bodies and experts to ensure that the training meets its highest purpose.

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