Automation is making e-learning the future of education

Automation is making e-learning the future of education

Automation is a labor-saving technology. It is a technology by which a task is performed with minimum human assistance. With the advancement in technology, a lot of innovative machineries have been developed in order to lower the human intervention and to speed up the work and to be less dependent on human resource. Automation covers various applications starting from large scale to small scale with thousands of input measurements and output control signals. Automation is widely used at workplace in today’s time and has resulted in better results. Automation has its impact on every industry and can also be applied in e-learning environment.

Different quizzes, short activities and providing feedback to the learners are some of the ways through which automation can be implemented in e-learning sessions. It helps in effective learning thus saving time and resources. Short articles can be published through automation, also quizzes, activities and course modules can be initiated though automation and there is a lot of scope for the automation in e-learning environment. Automation can take the place of educators.

LMS is very important for the automation in e-learning. LMS takes on a symbiotic role with learners, content development alongside student progress. The goal is achieved by providing each learner with unique and interactive lesson content. Assignments can be made and submitted through LMS, this will have less burden on educators to assess and personally provide the learners with the feedback. Including automation in e-learning will save on time and resources required.

Benefits of e-learning automation

  • It reduces development time
  • Personalizes the e-learning experience
  • It improves learner motivation
  • Provides you with more e-learning prospects

Automation is everywhere and is changing the way the companies and industries work. The idea of learning is evolving and transforming as the years pass on. The use of technology has brought a lot of innovation in the learning process. Similarly the introduction of automation in the learning is going to change people’s perspective towards the traditional learning methods and thus the automation learning has a huge scope in near future.


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