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Centre Number: C000342 Date of Approval: 23/12/2016

Training Qualifications UK is the most contemporary and innovative Awarding Organisation in the UK. TQUK is an Awarding Organisation recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and the Welsh Government offering qualifications on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). TQUK is the fastest growing Awarding Organisation across the UK. They provide qualifications that meet the needs of our learners. TQUK has over 200 centres worldwide and over 60,000 learners across 50 countries proudly presenting their TQUK certificates, their reputation as a world-class provider of internationally recognised qualifications is already sky-high.

Training Qualifications UK (TQUK) and Asian College of Teachers (ACT) -In the year 2016 TQUK endorsed 14 ACT courses which included 3 courses of CTPD. Since then CTPD has issued thousands of TQUK Endorsed Certificates to CTPD learners who have successfully completed 4 days’ workshop and Certificate, Diploma and PG Diploma courses.

What are Endorsed courses?

Endorsed courses meet industry standard and expectation in that particular field of study. TQUK endorsed courses consistently demonstrate outcomes aligned with the contemporary methodologies reflecting industry standards and current best practices. CTPD courses show a commitment to professional development and the best of industry practices

An endorsed course of learning means that Training Qualifications UK evaluate and endorse it as a suitable and beneficial learning platform for learners. When TQUK endorses CTPD programs, it is acknowledging that TQUK have confidence in CTPD’s ability to develop and deliver quality courses in our areas of expertise.

Whilst TQUK don’t hand in defining the content of these courses, or design, mark or monitor the assessments, the TQUK endorsement status shows that are

consistently meeting the high standards that they demand from their Recognised Centres in delivering a high quality learning experience for the learner which provides with the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular subject area. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect when opting for the endorsed course option with Training Qualifications UK.

Centre subject to yearly EQA Activities (External Quality Assurance)
Certificate issued by TQUK to successful candidates

What are the implications?

It is important that users of qualifications – candidates, employers, colleges and universities – can be confident in the certificate that they are presented with and that they understand what it represents.

TQUK, as an Awarding Organisation, and CTPD, as a Training Centre, have a responsibility to learners to make sure that they do everything to help them navigate the sector and make informed choices.

Education is a heavily regulated sector, and rightly so. One of the regulatory requirements that TQUK meet as Ofqual regulated Awarding Organisation is centred around making sure that learners ‘know what they are getting’ in terms of the products being provided.

This knowledge extends to making sure that centres are marketing regulated qualifications and endorsed courses clearly and correctly. The course providers must ensure that all of their learners know the difference between regulated and endorsed provision and know which of these they are working towards.

Currently TQUK only endorses "Diploma and PD Diploma courses" of Asian College Of Teachers. For students taking other courses can easily upgrade to these courses to avail TQUK Certification.

If you have any questions regarding TQUK Certification, please get in touch:

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