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Training Resource Materials for Trainers

Centre for Training and Professional Development, the training wing of Asian College of Teachers, has designed and developed this online training program comprising of training materials which is the primary tool for any professional trainer. The training materials provided are all at par with the latest training approaches and methodologies that are accepted We offer few materials exclusively for trainers, which can be used during any training session. These materials are created by professionals with years of training experience and vivid knowledge about the subject.

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Icebreakers: Use the different icebreakers to relax the trainees, introduce them to each other, and energize them in what is normally an unduly formal atmosphere or a new environment. The various icebreakers will surely help to break up the cliques and invite people to form random groupings in a fun way. 1000 INR Pay Now
Energizers: Transition time activities that bring in fresh flow of energy and introduce fun activities that get the trainees up, and moving around for 1-2 minutes before getting back to work. 1000 INR Pay Now
Role Plays: One of the most effective forms of training, the role plays help in simulating a wide range of characters and realistic scenarios reflecting the company profile and get hands on experience in dealing with difficult client or supervisor 1000 INR Pay Now
Training Games: These games help to keep the audience attention span in a training session especially after a session of lecture. It is a trick that a facilitator uses to make learning speed up especially with an effective game, be it training related, group building, role play or any other creative activity. 1000 INR Pay Now
Case Studies: Case Studies provide an account for a real or fictitious situation, including sufficient details to make it possible for the groups to analyze the problems involved. The case studies provide an insight to a problematic situation and helps a trainee overcome the anticipated problems in a given situation. 250 INR Pay Now
Power Point Presentation: The power point presentation comprises of 155 slides that comprehensively showcases "How to plan a 3 day Training". This can be a bible that the trainers can use to optimize knowledge and skills of participants. 500 INR Pay Now

Who can go for these materials?

  • Experienced Trainers
    • Corporate
    • Free lancers
    • Behavioural
    • Soft skills
    • Communication
    • Human Resource executives
  • Individuals who have a passion for teaching and training
  • Training Managers
  • Coordinators and Facilitators
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Instructional Designers
  • Insurance Trainers
  • Voice and accent trainers
  • Process trainers
  • Training to colleges, universities, engineering, MBA students
  • Anyone who has got a passion and zeal towards any kind of training

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