Train the trainer

A train the trainer course aims at developing a professional trainer's ability to conduct useful and exciting training programs. Training a trainer is all about familiarizing them with the particulars of a new module or program.

A train the trainer program, worth its name, must contain techniques that will boost the trainer's, confidence, ability and motivational skills. It must equip the trainer with strategy planning and making correct needs analysis to diagnose the problem and figure out the correct training program for eradicating the problem or shortfall.

A train the trainer course when properly conducted helps the would-be-trainer to form an understanding of group dynamics and learn to handle opposition and frame customized training programs. It involves training a trainer on the skills of making training sessions interactive and pragmatic.

Train the trainer would ensure that the trainee is able to craft programs that can address individual employee needs as well as group needs. It involves careful planning and sharp observation skills.

In a train the trainer course, an aspirant learns to inculcate positive training feedback sessions, which details out the areas of improvement in every trainee and the ways to work on them.

A train the trainer course can be done by training officers, company managers with training responsibilities and also professionals, who have not been trainers but want to develop skills and ability to carry out training sessions.

A train the trainer course is required to ignite the creative spark in trainees, which give the candidates a fresh perspective that will inspire them to excel at  work  and translate into better business for the company.

The Train the Trainer course will help trainers to develop their own communication and interpersonal skill and learn how to implement it in class. Training sessions should be planned and executed in a fashion that improvises on the trainees’ interpersonal skills and communication skills.

Train the trainer course is beneficial for company managers, soft skill trainers and leadership trainers. And for a course to be effective it must be detailed and hands-on. A custom-made course should sharpen trainer's power of observation, analysis and evaluation skills over and above all, his or her training, formatting and designing skills.