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Certificate in Teaching

Course description

Centre for Training and Professional Development, the training wing of Asian College of Teachers has specially designed this course for teachers who are looking for an upgradation in their skills and learning styles by integrating fun elements and interactive sessions and making those learner-centric.

Topics that deal with different techniques of teaching are included in the program while keeping in mind the present and future generation of learner oriented demands. The course provides practical guidance on how these strategies can be applied in today's classrooms.

  • Course Fee: 8,150 INR / 150 USD (both including service tax)
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Certification from: Asian College of Teachers, Training Qualifications UK (TQUK), College of Birmingham (COB)

The modules in this program will equip you in

  • Learning a balanced and integrated curriculum ( a curriculum with a holistic approach that addresses all the facets of learning investing the learner's entire aptitude)
  • Differentiating instruction to meet the needs of individual students and addressing their requirements and styles
  • Prepares the teacher to be well-equipped to use these strategies in the classroom making learning fun, effective and learner-centric

Course curriculum

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Observation
  • Chapter 2 Narration
  • Chapter 3 Discussion
  • Chapter 4 Explanation
  • Chapter 5 Questioning
  • Chapter 6 Demonstration
  • Chapter Application
  • Chapter 8 Experiments
  • Chapter 9 Discovery Learning
  • Chapter 10 Feedback
  • Chapter 11 Graphic Organisers and Visualisation
  • Chapter 12 Grouping
  • Chapter 13 Checklists
  • Chapter 14 Product Descriptors and Rubrics


  • Internationally accepted certificate from Asian College of Teachers (ACT)
  • Courses are endorsed by the prestigious Training Qualifications, UK (TQUK)
  • Additional Certificate from the famed College of Birmingham (COB)
  • COB and TQUK certifications give you an added advantage for your training career

Who should enrol in the course?

  • Aspiring teachers/ experienced teachers
  • Course coordinators
  • Aspiring trainers
  • Training Managers
  • Anyone who has got a passion and zeal towards any kind of teaching

How do I stay connected with ACT?

You can stay connected, lifetime, with us through our Face Book forum. Our Facebook group:

  • Posts regular updates on training and development
  • Creates polls and opinions
  • Gives you an opportunity to interact with our huge alumni base
  • Updates you with the recent happenings in the training industry
  • Feeds you with lot of information on training market
  • Creates a scope for interaction with lot of trainers, freelancers and people from the corporate world

How do I get job opportunities?

  • We post job vacancies regularly on our Facebook groups
  • We have an exclusive job portal dealing with vacancies on training, teaching, freelancing, soft skills trainer, full time corporate trainers and various other opportunities

What are my prospects for career growth?

ACT's program would equip you to:

  • Start your training career
  • Creates polls and opinions
  • Have a fair idea on how the training world progresses
  • Take up the challenge to look for training opportunities
  • Look for a career as a training co-coordinator
  • Start building you career in the area of training
  • Build confidence for soft skill trainings
  • With the certificate, a trainer ventures more into reputed organizations
  • Breakthrough for a candidate in training career with two important certificates.
  • The two international certificates give the candidate a huge mileage to start a training career