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About Us

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is an institute with a difference. It is an esteemed institute in harnessing training skills through Train the Trainer Programs. Our Training Programs encompass the soft skills, sales and marketing, cooperate training and much more, which also includes

Harvesting the power of knowledge and reaping its benefits.

The course is more geared to meet the corporate and behavioural skill training. No matter how good the trainer is it would fail to create an impact if it does not meet to understand the psychological needs of the trainees. The trainer can only make the trainees excel to meet the corporate needs when he/ she develop an understanding of the thinking pattern of the trainees.

Our Mission

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a modern and innovative teacher education institution in Asia is committed to excellence in providing highest quality learning and a great platform for potential global educators, education managers and educational entrepreneurs refining our focus on designing tailor-made courses which will lead them towards a successful teaching/training and management career while making ACT a leading brand by the year 2020.

Our Vision

At Asian College of Teachers (ACT), we believe in making our courses available to teaching professionals across the globe and provide them with outstanding learning and employment related courses in the field of pre-primary education, TEFL, special education and education management which will not only lead them towards a successful teaching and training career but aid them in making a strong impact on individual lives and society.

Instructor Led Flexible Learning Program

All the programs of ACT are flexible. That means you can pace up the program as well as be lenient to take more time to complete the course. The programs are delivered in both online and in class modes, facilitated by subject matter experts, who guide you, mentor you and help you to apply the concepts of the course to real world training challenges.

Trainer Training Certification

ACT's endeavour has always been to bring the best in training to our learners. We do not rest on our laurels because we believe the teaching-learning context is dynamic and the needs of the learners are constantly changing. The social, economic and cultural influence on education is undeniable. Therefore what was applicable a decade ago in education has undergone a huge change. In our continuous effort to research and develop courses we, at Asian College of Teachers, have realized that there was a whole segment of trainers who were not teaching in schools but were Corporate Trainers, Management Trainers, Human Resource Managers involved in training; teachers, instructors, people who wanted to be trainers by profession but did not have any professional qualification as trainers.

Interactive Training Experience

As a graduate from Asian College of Teachers, you are not left alone in the course. You are a part of ACT. You are always in touch with your tutor for collaborative effort to share your difficulties, problems and find out possible solutions. Facilitated and assisted by our tutor, the program involves sharing, discussing in mutual concert.

Emphasis on Real Life Challenges and Applications

The program helps you to interact and develop a study orientation which is primarily guided by tangible outcomes. More than knowledge, what really value is to identify the problems and assess its outcome. The components which create the difference are:

  • Interactive discussions
  • Research paper
  • Downloadable resources
  • Case studies
  • Sample videos from you which help us to understand better
  • Guidance by the tutor

Our outlook is to position you in the industry and equip you with the necessary tools required to defy the formidable challenges you face in your profession.